Inspiring people to be creative with TYPO3

"The name STAEDTLER has always been synonymous with innovation ‘Made in Germany’ and this can be seen directly reflected in user benefits. Over the years, we have repeatedly succeeded in developing inspirational, innovative products, which is why, when it comes to writing instruments, STAEDTLER is the user’s clear favourite."





Our philosophy

Whenever an idea or sudden inspiration comes to mind, what's the first thing you do?

Right - you reach for a pencil or pen to write, scribble, draw or highlight your thoughts to show them to others or to remind yourself later.

Thus, every idea starts with a pencil.

It's therefore no wonder that STAEDTLER can proudly claim to give form to the ideas of people the whole world over.

STAEDTLER sees its products as helpful tools for promoting the flow of creative thoughts, coupled with the exceptional writing comfort and innovative product features that are sure to make a STAEDTLER your favourite writing instrument.

Corporate Social Responsibility

When ideas grow, global responsibility grows as well!

Along with the size and globality of STAEDTLER, so grows our responsibility for present and future generations. For this reason, we support and initiate projects with the purpose of providing a future that is fair and worth living for - all over the world.

Why TYPO3?

STAEDTLER is using TYPO3 to inspire people to be creative - thus the claim "step into the world of inspirations!". Starting out as one of the oldest industrial companies in Germany in 1835, STAEDTLER has become one of the most renowned brands for writing and drawing instruments, pencils and fine art supplies. With subsidaries in 22 countries and sales partners in 150 countries, STAEDTLER relies on TYPO3 to communicate with people all over the globe. STAEDTLER chose TYPO3 because of the great i10n & l18n capabilities, the usability in the backend for large sites and its data integration into other business applications.