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Upgrade when the time is right

The TYPO3 roadmap might not perfectly coincide with your organization’s planning cycle—longer timelines, feature adds, and customer needs are all valid reasons to stick with your current TYPO3 version. If you’re not ready to upgrade but your TYPO3 version’s free community support is ending, Extended Long Term Support (ELTS) can help. ELTS offers three additional years of security, compliance, and compatibility and gives your organization extra time to prepare for the next version.


  • For TYPO3 CMS Version 11.5
  • Originally released on 2021-10-05
  • Free support is provided until 2024-10-31

Secure Extended Long Term Support (ELTS) for TYPO3 11.4 for up to three more years until 2027-10-31.

Coming soon... 


  • For TYPO3 CMS Version 10.4
  • Originally released on 2020-04-21
  • Free support was provided until 2023-04-30

Secure Extended Long Term Support (ELTS) for TYPO3 10.4 for up to three more years until 2026-04-30. Learn more



  • For TYPO3 CMS Version 9.5
  • Originally released on 2018-10-02
  • Free support is provided until 2021-09-30

Secure Extended Long Term Support (ELTS) for TYPO3 9.5 for up to three more years until 2024-09-30. Learn more


Support and Security guaranteed

Extended Long Term Support (ELTS) is currently available for TYPO3 CMS versions 9.5 and 10.4 Since free community support for these versions has expired, no more free updates are available. You should either upgrade to a supported version or purchase ELTS. Otherwise, you risk:

  • Security vulnerabilities
  • Browser compatibility problems
  • Legal compliance issues

You can find specific information about ELTS for your TYPO3 version on the pages linked below. They include information about the supported PHP versions and updates that have been delivered since LTS ended.

Three more years of ROI

When a new TYPO3 version comes out, the TYPO3 Core- and Security Teams actively support it — officially, for free, and for everyone — for three years. For some organizations, it makes business sense to delay an expensive upgrade. For example, if your current website is still generating revenue, or you need longer to prepare for an upgrade. During this time, Extended Long Term Support (ELTS) extends the official support period of your otherwise unsupported TYPO3 version and guarantees:

  • Security updates and compliance with IT security and privacy laws
  • Ongoing compatibility with modern browsers
  • More time to prepare for an upgrade
  • Six-year planning horizon

It can also deliver cost savings. An upgrade to a new major version costs on average 20% of the initial investment, while a total of six years’ support adds just *€5.100 to your TYPO3 maintenance costs

(*based on the price of a three-year ELTS Single Plan).

Six years of official support per major version

Longer value-generation cycle and improved ROI for your web projects

  • Invest three more years of development budget in value-generating features
  • Get more out of your investment in your proven systems
  • Improve your resource management with regular release and upgrade cycles

Longer planning cycles for enterprises

  • Three-year extended planning window for upgrades
  • Stability of upgrade process and timing benefits organizations with long decision cycles
  • More time and flexibility to plan and execute upgrades

Agencies: extend your long-term client relationships

It’s a good idea to contact clients when updates are due — maintaining regular communication can lead to new business. With ELTS, you can: 

  • Plan for a regular maintenance budget, personnel, and income stream
  • Build trust with your clients: ELTS is cheaper than an upgrade
  • Sell more features and value, not basics like upgrades
  • Pitch ELTS as a unique advantage for TYPO3 over other open source CMSs
  • Ask about our discounted agency plan: unlimited instances and free setup support

Peace of mind: legal compliance, extended security and compatibility

ELTS is official vendor support for the open source TYPO3 CMS. You and your clients can sleep better at night, knowing that TYPO3 Extended Long Term Support:

  • Eliminates legal exposure: The EU’s GDPR and similar regulations in other countries and jurisdictions require you to run officially supported software to be legally compliant.
  • Helps keep your web properties secure with security protection against new security vulnerabilities.
  • Guarantees browser compatibility for your websites.

Definitions, additional Information

Length of contract and obligation

Any given ELTS version has a fixed, three-year timeframe. ELTS for a given version of TYPO3 can begin seamlessly from the end date of a given Long Term Support version, leaving no gaps in support, security coverage, or legal compliance.

An ELTS coverage period runs for a fixed, one-year time period. You may book two periods (two years) at a 10% discount and three periods (three years) at a 15% discount.

Definition of an instance

A single “instance,” supported by an ELTS agreement can be

  • A single TYPO3 installation running multiple websites for multiple clients.
  • A set of 3+n TYPO3 installation environments (Live, Live Failover, Staging, Development per developer) as long as their scope remains constant.

Here are some examples. If you have:

  • Twelve developers work on a single project that runs within a single TYPO3 installation = 1 instance.
  • One project with a development server, a staging server, and 200 frontend servers all serving the same content = 1 instance.
  • A single TYPO3 installation running 12 microsites for 12 clients = 1 instance.
  • Twelve microsites for one client, each microsite running on its own TYPO3 installation = 12 instances.
  • Five clients and run three different websites per client, each site running on its own TYPO3 installation = 15 instances.

Contact us if you are unsure about your setup. Our team will be glad to help you decide what best fits your situation and setup.