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A secure foundation to build on

A great developer experience entails interesting work and peace of mind. You need to trust that your development environment is well-tested, secure, and based on the latest industry standards. TYPO3’s decoupled architecture maintains strict delineations between backend, frontend, design, and data models. Our open source community of TYPO3 core developers provides you with a solid foundation for further development.

CMS by developers, for developers

You need a CMS that paves the way for success. Whether it’s core functionality, documentation, training, or professional community, your CMS and its user community should help you solve business problems. 

Open source community software

TYPO3 is built and maintained by a community of passionate, welcoming experts through a continuous development process. We incorporate (and contribute to) PSRs, so PHP developers will easily find their bearings in TYPO3.

Here today, even better tomorrow

TYPO3 has a well-maintained roadmap, ongoing development, and regular releases, all supported by a dedicated security team. You can entrust TYPO3’s powerful framework, with continuous integration tests that ensure that your installations run as expected.

Solutions for TYPO3 developers

Deliver blazingly fast content

As your website scales and expands, you need to rely on infrastructure that accommodates new page visitors and traffic spikes. TYPO3’s infrastructure comes with great caching, upstream proxy services, and support for cloud storage, CDNs, and cloud-hosting services like Kubernetes or your provider of choice. Your organization can scale quickly and cost-effectively with TYPO3—get ready for traffic spikes, stress-free

Open API for seamless integrations

It can be a headache to integrate your CMS with all the other systems and applications needed to run an organization in the 21st century—PIMs, ERPs, and CRMs all need to play well with your content. That’s why TYPO3 offers easy integration with other enterprise, marketing, and middleware systems, a TYPO3 extension repository, and an open API. With stability and security as TYPO3’s top priorities, you can be sure that TYPO3 will adapt to your already existing application landscape and fit right in. Quick to realize, easy to maintain, and with high-quality, performant APIs – TYPO3 is your content hub!

Plays well and fast with search algorithms

Low-ranking search results, slow load times, and poor social media can prevent your most compelling content from getting the attention it deserves. The TYPO3 Core software comes built-in with structured content that enhances SEO, including metadata, schema markups, accessibility fields, and other tools that help raise your profile. You can trust TYPO3 to provide a powerful and performant technical base for delivering content to search engines and social media algorithms while loading web pages quickly. 

Seamless aggregate and deliver content from varied sources

When modern organizations choose a CMS, they need one able to integrate with existing systems and aggregate content. TYPO3 is a feature-rich CMS with the power to interact with almost any existing tool or system—either natively or through third-party integrations— and offers flexible options for importing, exporting, and aggregating content. Deliver unified content to your end-users by integrating with TYPO3. 

A headless option for custom front-ends

Some organizations want to build custom frontends (or already have them) but need a CMS to manage content and data on the backend. TYPO3 offers a headless solution, which decouples backend functionality from presentation and design. If you need a headstart, TYPO3 offers frontend templates based on React or Vue javascript frameworks. Using TYPO3, you can deliver content to any kind of front end, and trust that your data and assets are well-managed.  

Reuse content across different channels

Today, many pieces of content need to be deployed across multiple channels. By decoupling content from output channels, TYPO3 allows editors to create structured content, import, connect, and mix different content sources, and export structured content in many different formats. With TYPO3  you can create structured content for use across channels, including mobile applications, intranets, extranets, point of sale (POS) solutions, progressive web apps (PWA), corporate websites, and more. 

What TYPO3 developers are saying

Ralf Merz - Lead Developer TYPO3 - Finanztip

I love to build websites and whole projects using TYPO3, because it offers forward thinking ways to achieve your goals modularly, in its extendibility, and it scales for any size project.

Torben Hansen - Full Stack Web Developer - Freelancer

TYPO3 provides a robust and well documented content management framework which allows me to implement and customize nearly every project requirement.

Outstanding projects are developed in TYPO3

OTH Regensburg
Deutsches Museum

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