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TYPO3 and DMK Power Digital Transition to Responsive, Accessible City Services

Major TYPO3 Update for the City of Leipzig

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In 2016, the City of Leipzig’s official portal,, was running an aging TYPO3 version with an outmoded backend and disjointed frontend. The site suffered from inefficient workflows and fragmented user experiences, and the outdated UI and UX were also misaligned with the City of Leipzig’s new corporate design.

The need for a digital facelift was clear. The city required a website partner with proven expertise in TYPO3 upgrades and redesigns. DMK E-BUSINESS was chosen through a competitive tender, impressing with their track record in complex government projects. DMK conducted a major upgrade and redesign, migrating the site to TYPO3 10 LTS with a modern, mobile-friendly, responsive UI.

Implementing TYPO3 Innovation through Agile Collaboration

As an experienced TYPO3 solutions provider, DMK employed an agile approach to guide the extensive Leipzig portal overhaul. Cross-functional workshops sparked creative ideas with city stakeholders. DMK’s certified TYPO3 project team then collaborated closely with the City of Leipzig to shape solutions iteratively through rapid development sprints.

A dedicated DMK project manager enabled smooth communications with the City of Leipzig via phone, email, and project software. DMK also leveraged robust infrastructure tools including SASS, Pug, Docker, Git, and GitLab CI to optimize development velocity on each TYPO3 platform.

Using standardized frameworks, DMK enforced quality standards across their coordinated dev team. DMK used Composer to streamline the process of integration extensions. Automated GitLab CI testing ensured rigorous issue tracking. These efficiencies empowered DMK to deliver maximum value for the City of Leipzig during each agile sprint.

“DMK E-BUSINESS GmbH carried out a comprehensive TYPO3 upgrade for us and transitioned the city's website to a responsive design. We quickly learned to appreciate the open and transparent communication at eye level. Technical problems or changes during the project were proactively communicated, and solutions were found in a spirit of partnership.”

– Volker Rasch, Deputy Press Officer and Deputy Head of Department, Head of PR Department, City of Leipzig.

Optimized Experiences Through User-Centric TYPO3 Enhancements

DMK enriched inclusive content by developing editorial concepts for Leichte Sprache (simple language), informed by workshops, expert input, and specialized training. DMK’s proven design mockups and prototypes, coupled with a customized TYPO3 backend, simplified the rollout of a “Simple Language” content management approach for Leipzig.

Core technological innovation included a major TYPO3 upgrade from version 7 to 10 LTS, consolidating code, migrating the calendar extension, ensuring extension compatibility, new infrastructure, and a media library. DMK established a stable portal for the future while minimizing testing time and hardware costs.

Custom calendar integrations enable streamlined event management for the editorial team, while configurable filter lists empower efficient content curation. Combined with a fresh UI matched to the City of Leipzig’s brand identity, these targeted enhancements have dramatically elevated user experiences across the board.

DMK optimized the Leipzig city portal for BITV compliance. They implemented technical and editorial enhancements, and conducted extensive testing to elevate accessibility for the site. This yielded certification with the BITV 90plus seal. The responsive redesign has provided seamless accessibility across devices.

DMK's Ongoing Engagements for the City of Leipzig

  • Development of "Leichte Sprache" Page
  • TYPO3 Maintenance Contract
  • Refactoring and Expansion of Address Database
  • Functional Enhancement of Authorities Guide (Behördenwegweiser)
  • Implementation of Single Sign-On (SSO) for City Libraries

Ongoing Partnership for Continuous Improvement

For the City of Leipzig, the constructive communication with DMK and proactive issue resolution built mutual trust. They described the collaboration as “professional, successful and with a very positive result, where the offered terms were always comprehensible and fair.” The collaboration has developed into a long-term, dynamic partnership. This ongoing relationship underscores the continuous evolution and enhancement of the portal, well beyond the initial project's scope. 

Alongside the iterative upgrade from version 7.6 to 10.4, and the development of the “Leichte Sprache” page, this enduring collaboration includes significant undertakings such as the TYPO3 maintenance contract, in place since December 2016. Additionally, critical projects like the refactoring and expansion of the address database, the functional enhancement of the authorities guide (Behördenwegweiser), and the implementation of Single Sign-On (SSO) for the city libraries further demonstrate the comprehensive nature of this partnership.

Deputy Press Officer Rasch articulates the essence of this collaboration:  “We are very happy that we can continue the cooperation because we are confident of having a reliable partner for the upcoming challenges and requirements, one who takes responsibility for our portal and supports us with constructive suggestions, drawing our attention to potential for optimization.”

This partnership transcends a typical client-vendor relationship, with DMK emerging as a strategic ally. Their continuous support and proactive approach in addressing the evolving needs of Leipzig’s digital services have been instrumental in ensuring that the city’s portal remains at the forefront of technology and user experience.

TYPO3 Powering Impactful City Services

For the City of Leipzig, TYPO3 delivered a major leap forward in its digital presence and citizen experience. The platform’s flexibility enabled DMK to meet the city’s diverse needs from backend upgrade to frontend redesign.

TYPO3’s open source model supported rapid innovation tailored to the City of Leipzig's requirements. This modernization will empower the city to better inform and serve residents and visitors online for years to come.

For organizations seeking similar digital transformation, TYPO3 delivers an agile, open platform to create unique solutions optimized for users’ needs. Let TYPO3 power your digital experiences.

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