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Smile Factor

TYPO3's Higher Education Package lets your IT department smile. A time-saving, easily customizable, and extendable solution for the web relaunch of higher educational institutions. A unique design that meets your individual needs. A highly flexible robust software solution.

Knowledge is Power

The TYPO3 Higher Education Package is specifically designed to meet the demands placed on institutions within this sector. The package is based on Europe's leading enterprise content management system, "TYPO3". The Higher Education package includes bespoke features, preconfigured settings, a unique five-year guarantee that consists of regular updates, and a service hotline. It helps sustain the long-term development of TYPO3.
This purpose-built "all-in-one" package provides a cost-effective platform that is secure, accessible, and always up-to-date.

Discover proven TYPO3 educational solutions to help you enhance your website success,  optimize administrative processes, and attract students with innovations.

Feel the difference

Easy to manage in the day-to-day business. TYPO3 is easy to handle without programming knowledge. Quick implementation, optimized workflows, and smart administration features. Improve your staff's web experience.

Digital campus

Attract and retain students with innovative tools. Engage students with state-of-the-art CMS features. Today's students expect web-based systems to enhance collaboration and align with their digital experience of the world. Introducing the TYPO3 Higher Education Package to your campus can help attract and retain digital natives, save faculty members significant amounts of time, and reduce operational costs.

Safe & Smart

With a strong focus on functionality and productive workflow, the TYPO3 Higher Education Package offers an easy way to create a secure environment running parallel to the public visible website. It supports the community and enhances collaboration. It's the easiest way to support students and meet the needs of faculties and administration.

Thinking ahead

Take advantage of the features that higher education institutions need the most. “Multi-language” options in both front- and backend. Professional technical support for at least 5 years guaranteed.

We are there for you

You can decide how we improve the Higher Education Package. Every user is entitled to vote and help us decide which new features to develop and how they should be prioritized.  TYPO3 CMS is an Open Source Enterprise Content Management System with a large global community in the Higher Education community, backed by approximately 900 members of the TYPO3 Association.

Help improve the Higher Education Package

The TYPO3 Higher Education Package benefits from having two separate teams that maintain the product. The Higher Education Package Team focuses on developing specific features for the higher education market, including Shibboleth login functionality and several other interfaces to existing systems. In addition to this, the Higher Education Package receives all of the updates and features that are developed and released for TYPO3's core.

Every user can take part and contribute towards the Higher Education Package. Feedback is encouraged, and every user is entitled to vote and help decide what new features are developed and decide how they are prioritized. A list of planned projects is made available throughout the year to users and put to the vote. The features with the highest number of votes receive the higher priority.


Your investments are kept to a minimum. The TYPO3 Higher Education Package reduces time spent on conceptual and development work and lowers the overall financial footprint of the entire project.


Launching your projects promptly and in high quality. The TYPO3 Higher Education Package allows you to place easily, edit, and distribute any content of any size.


The TYPO3 Higher Education Package offers a full range of customization options be it designing the layout, expanding the system, or further developing the website.


Your website is easily and quickly installed. The TYPO3 Higher Education Package forms an “outer shell” around the “core” of TYPO3. This way you benefit from all of TYPO3’s functionalities and receive pre-configured features designed to meet universities and colleges' requirements.