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Clarity, strength, and resilience

You need a powerful CMS to handle the daily complexities of finance and logistics. Whether you have one branch or many, TYPO3’s centralized asset management, reusable templates, and multisite capabilities help you maintain a consistent tone and character to protect your reputation. Employees and customers alike can use TYPO3’s self-service tools to reduce time-consuming tasks. TYPO3 secures company and user data, illuminates and strengthens your processes with analytics, and helps you monitor your supply chain—keeping it all intact and resilient.

Compliance, now and in the future

Staying compliant with all the fine print within shifting regulation frameworks is difficult. TYPO3’s compliance tooling will help you stay transparent and up-to-date with laws and guidelines like GDPR now and in the future.

Sharpen your processes

Your business in finance or logistics is high-stakes, detail-oriented, and requires tools that can deliver on time-sensitive needs within complex processes. TYPO3 helps gather and deliver the important data and insights you need to spot weak links and optimize your processes for efficiency.

Lower your risk profile

You gather, handle, and process large quantities of sensitive data. TYPO3 shields your site and data with multiple layers of protection, including role-based access, separate front-and back-end permissions, and encryption — all backed by a dedicated security team.

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Clear and customizable publishing workflows

Ensuring that content is compliant and ready for the public can be an arduous process. Teams need the ability to stage, preview, approve, and finalize content in a secure and private environment before hitting “publish.” TYPO3’s publishing workflow comes equipped with powerful features like automatic publishing, previews, link-sharing, scheduling, and defined user roles and permission flows—so you can remain compliant and get the approvals you need before your content goes live. With Workspaces, you can even build a custom workflow. TYPO3 lets you build a publishing workflow that fits your organization’s specific requirements.

Fast and relevant search results

When searching for content on your website, end-users need fast, relevant, and up-to-date results. TYPO3’s enterprise search functionality offers a faceted, drill-down search that integrates with Solr and ElasticSearch. Content Editors can analyze search results to optimize content and improve end users’ experience. TYPO3 provides powerful search functionality that leads users to the right content, quickly.

Security is the top priority

Your team shouldn’t have to find out about security issues in the news after it’s too late to do anything, and your IT team should be able to rely on your CMS to address any sudden security issues. TYPO3’s proactive security team has a proven track record of rapid incident response and follows the best industry practices for communication, fixing security issues, and releasing fixes quickly. With a proven track record for handling even the highest-risk, enterprise-level challenges, you can trust that TYPO3 makes security its top priority. 

Respect user privacy

If your organization handles sensitive user data, your internal and external users alike must trust that you’re keeping them secure. With the TYPO3 CMS, you can schedule stored data for deletion or cleanup and automate security processes around privacy to prevent human error from unveiling sensitive data.  TYPO3 respects user privacy and sensitive information by design. 

Global and local control over brand reputation

It can be a struggle to maintain design and branding standards when working with decentralized teams or independent brands. TYPO3 offers central brand management, flexible infrastructure, and built-in user access management that gives local marketers control over their domains. Enforce global guidelines when you need them while empowering individual editors to respond to local needs. 

Leverage multimedia assets in branding 

A modern website needs to feature various media assets. TYPO3’s powerful asset management tools allow editors to upload, embed, import, and edit any kind of media without converting data beforehand. Content editors can rely on TYPO3 for flexibility and a beautiful display of all kinds of images or videos.  

Surface content compliantly

New rules or requirements can create a sudden increase in workload for content editors and legal—they need tools that can update critical information, while coordinating across systems. If your organization has any financial reporting or terms and conditions, you can trust TYPO3 for scheduling when specific content or pages goes online and offline. TYPO3 also adjusts caches for newly published content, while remaining highly-performant. Surface business-critical content across sites at the moment you need it—and not before or after.

Personalized self-service portals for end-users

A modern website should create spaces for users to perform actions like payments, form input, or profile edits, without the help of a customer service rep. TYPO3 enables your customers and logged-in users with self-service portals and powerful search functionality, so they can find and input the information without friction. Lessen the burden on your customer service and create efficient self-service tools that end-users prefer.

Simplify complex content

Explaining a complex piece of software or physical product can be very involved, especially when your customers have limited time. TYPO3 provides all kinds of tools to make digital explainers accessible to a broad audience. Options like FAQs, a wide media format range, and interactive elements can all support your customer education needs. TYPO3 places the right digital tools at your disposal, so you can make a great first impression with new customers. 

Smart, connected self-service for customer support

Fast-growing businesses often struggle with scaling support. TYPO3 offers flexible form creation and integrations with enterprise solutions like SAP, Microsoft, SalesForce, Hubspot, etc., as well as smaller and more specialized tools, to reduce the burden on customer service. Gain more happy customers by enhancing your support team’s self-service abilities. 

Make assets available for download

When you make assets available for download, there’s a risk that content gets duplicated, outdated, or accessible to the wrong people. In TYPO3, asset downloads are managed centrally and securely, with both general download areas and personalized ones for different types of users. TYPO3’s centralized digital library gives partners, employees, customers, contractors, and other stakeholders controlled access to digital assets.

What other Financial and Logistics organizations are saying

Marion in 't Zandt - Marketing & Communication - Veiling Rhein-Maas

TYPO3 helps us to edit and manage the content of our website easily and quickly from anywhere and at anytime. Furthermore it allows us to design our website to our wants and needs and to create, send and analyze our email-newsletters in a very efficient way.

Mirelle Vink - Online Project Manager - DMG

By using TYPO3, our marketing department is very flexible in publishing promotions and important content. This is very important for a commercial organization like DMG.

Ryan Owens - Executive Director - Monadnock Conservancy

We couldn’t be happier with our new website, and we love the user-friendly yet powerful TYPO3 content management system.

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Die Johanniter
Bremen Airport

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