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Sitegeist Drives Solar Leader’s Business Pivot with Flexible, Scalable TYPO3 Solution

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Meyer Burger, a leader in solar cell and module manufacturing, faced a critical challenge in 2021: they were pivoting from being a supplier to a direct manufacturer in the solar industry. This shift required a dynamic online presence that could effectively represent their new business model.

Partnering with TYPO3 experts sitegeist media solutions, Meyer Burger launched a sleek, powerful new website on an ambitious five-month timeline. The new site benefited from TYPO3’s multisite flexibility, seamless integrations, and multilingual capabilities, helping Meyer Burger position themselves as a leading European solar manufacturer.

A rapid and collaborative rebuild with specialized integrations

Facing a five-month deadline, Meyer Burger turned to leading TYPO3 specialist sitegeist. sitegeist’s specialization in rapidly delivering high-performance websites coupled with integrating external ERPs and SAP systems for B2B communication were critical for Meyer Burger’s choice. They knew they could trust them even with a tight timeframe.

With a lead time much shorter than the typical one-year enterprise website build, sitegeist utilized TYPO3’s content management system and its agile capabilities to construct Meyer Burger’s website with the following features:

Content Modeling

TYPO3’s flexible content modeling enabled Meyer Burger’s editors to start populating content instantly, independent of the website design.

Parallel Workspaces

TYPO3’s parallel workspaces feature facilitated real-time collaboration between content creators and reviewers to move website development forward in parallel.

Content Structure

By structuring website content with types and categories from the very start, sitegeist ensured search engine relevance and findability, two key features for a sales website.

3rd-Party Integrations

sitegeist provided tailored wholesaler and installer portals integrated with ERP and SAP systems to significantly enrich B2B communication channels.

Multilingual support for a global market

To scale Meyer Burger’s website rapidly across new markets, sitegeist tapped into TYPO3’s multilingual features. Beyond translating content, TYPO3 provides robust capabilities to manage global editorial workflows, optimize for local search engines, facilitate ongoing localization, and flexibly grow the website internationally over time. Key multilingual functions include:

Segmented editor roles

TYPO3 allows differentiation of translation duties for editors and authors by language to streamline collaboration as the number of websites scales.

Readily add languages

Meyer Burger’s website can effortlessly add support for more languages like French, Italian, and Spanish, which are crucial for their expansion in Europe.

Search engine optimization

TYPO3 automatically optimizes URLs for each language market to enable effective indexing by local search engines.

Mirrored structures

sitegeist launched fully translated German and English sites for Meyer Burger simultaneously, with correctly mirrored page structures reflected across languages.

Translation workflow

TYPO3 provided centralized translation management flows allowing sitegeist to seamlessly integrate professional translation services and facilitate smooth handoffs of content between authors and translation teams.

The Future is Bright with TYPO3

sitegeist delivered Meyer Burger’s global website in just five months, while jobs of this nature typically span at least a year. The accelerated timeline was enabled by TYPO3’s strengths, including:

  • Streamlined multilingual translation flows
  • Robust back-end ERP feature integration
  • Structured authoring environments with advanced permission controls

With their new site up and running, Meyer Burger could accurately represent the company’s manufacturing transformation and begin scaling rapidly to new markets.

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