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Plan and produce stellar content

Managing large volumes of content and digital assets can be difficult without the right tools and workflow. You risk wasting time and money while losing opportunities.  TYPO3 provides a comprehensive content management platform with outstanding workflow support. Our CMS helps marketers with their daily tasks, from content planning and modeling to smart authoring workflows, digital asset management, SEO, and more. Create and publish content that delivers results across all digital channels.

Authoring Experience

TYPO3 provides an intuitive and easy-to-use authoring experience. Content editors can independently create, review, and publish their content.

When publishing content across multiple channels and in multiple languages, any technical bottleneck will affect your editors’ ability to efficiently produce good content.

TYPO3 is a centralized, easy-to-use platform for content publication. With role-based access and streamlined production and translation workflows, you can maintain quality and production velocity while publishing in multiple languages and on multiple sites and channels.

  • Edit in the frontend or backend with drag and drop, copy and paste, spell checking, and other common text editing functions.
  • Manipulate images directly in the CMS backend: Crop, resize, add frames/borders, watermarks, overlays, and more.
  • Automatically generated responsive images deliver an optimized experience on every device.
  • Use the intuitive interface to control element positioning and page layout. 
  • Bulk edit pages and preview content before publishing.
  • Create dynamic and responsive forms with a drag-and-drop form builder.

Content Planning

Consistently produce great content with efficient workflow and approval processes.

When executing an ambitious content strategy, your platform should not get in the way of your work. Too often, content marketing strategies are limited by the available technology, instead of being enabled by it.

With structured content models, scheduling, intuitive landing page management, and federated publishing of multisite and multilingual content, TYPO3 gives you the tools you need to implement your strategy.

  • Share content across multiple channels while maintaining security, performance, and usability.
  • Reuse content and translations across multiple sites.
  • Flexible editorial workflows that are intuitive and secure
  • Edit formatting and layout and integrate additional editing tools as needed.
  • Comfortable learning curve for editorial users and non-technical team members.

Content Models, Metadata Management, Tagging & Search, SEO

Make your website easier to find for potential customers. TYPO3 provides you with the tools to implement your SEO strategy

Writing great content isn’t enough. Potential customers have to find you in search engine results in the first place.

TYPO3 provides you with all the tools you need to implement a great SEO strategy to achieve increased visibility and conversions

  • Search-engine-optimized URLs are human-readable internet addresses for your website.
  • Manage URLs, including redirects, URL creation, and custom error pages. 
  • Improve search engine ranking by optimizing meta tags, page title, and images. 
  • Automatically generate XML sitemaps, for every site and language.
  • Integrate market-leading SEO tools, such as Yoast.
  • Conveniently eliminate broken links from your website with our Link Validator extension

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

TYPO3’s DAM integrations deliver effective asset discovery, access, and reuse, greatly reducing editorial and management overhead.

Enterprise organizations need to manage thousands of digital assets that will be wasted without an effective digital asset management system (DAM) integration. 

TYPO3 integrates with leading DAM systems to store, classify and manage images, videos, and brand identity assets.

  • Increase the quality of your digital assets by adding comprehensive metadata.
  • Maintain security, performance, and usability across multiple sites within the same installation and avoid bloating through reuse of assets

Workflow, User Roles & Collaboration

Foster collaboration and protect your carefully-built content structures. Give users the exact access permissions they need to do their job, but not make potentially damaging changes where they shouldn’t.

A collaborative editorial process is essential for content creation, but by the same token, uncurated changes to your pages or content can destroy your carefully constructed communication strategy. 

TYPO3 offers adaptable, granular user access rights. Precisely control who can see, share, alter, or delete content and pages across individuals and teams.

  • Protect your digital projects. All editors must login to access content management and admin interfaces.
  • Manage access and editorial rights for each user individually. Define granular permissions for editing and publishing.
  • Rearrange pages and content elements using intuitive drag-and-drop actions.
  • See a chronological list of modifications and deletions in the change log.
  • Work in multiple workspaces and project dashboards simultaneously.
  • Schedule automatic content publishing and unpublishing at specific dates and times.

Configurable Dashboards

TYPO3 dashboards provide you with an overview as soon as you login, so you can get started on your daily tasks more quickly and better-informed. 

Dashboards are the entry point to every TYPO3 installation. You need a dashboard with time-saving shortcuts for the activities you and your team members perform most often.

Our informational dashboard widgets are configurable and interactive. Every user, from administrators to editors, can customize their own dashboard’s widgets and appearance for maximum utility.

  • Configure what appears on your dashboard on a user-by-user basis
  • Group widgets by topic
  • Customize the appearance of your dashboard and set the size of the widgets themselve
  • View important information up front, like common errors or the day’s tasks
  • Display information from external sources or integrated software
  • Click on useful shortcuts to other spaces and mission-critical tasks in the TYPO3 backend 

Seamless Form Handling

TYPO3 Forms are a breeze to set up and easily customizable. Provide a high-quality web experience for your visitors and gather validated, useful information to help guide them more efficiently. 

If you’re interacting with customers, suppliers, or partners, chances are your web project needs forms. You shouldn’t have to put a lot of effort into creating a simple contact form or image uploader. 

TYPO3’s customizable forms come out-of-the-box. Our Form Wizard lets you gather information by using previous templates or creating a new, multi-step form that meets your unique needs

  • Create new forms from scratch or templates, and save reusable forms as templates for the future
  • Build new forms from scratch by choosing from TYPO3’s 20+ built-in form fields, from basic text fields to advanced elements like calendar date pickers
  • Enable user uploads of images and media through forms
  • Add multiple steps, validation, finishing touches to your form to personalize your messages
  • Embed forms within specific pages of your website
  • Integrate with powerful extensions like Mautic for lead tracking

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