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e-pixler Harnesses TYPO3 For Better Commuter Mobility

TYPO3 Keeps 4 Million Riders Moving Across Berlin & Brandenburg

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Public transport authority VBB has over 4 million daily commuters, and its old systems strained under modern digital demands. Saddled with an outdated CMS, VBB struggled to provide intuitive experiences and responsive service to handle 400,000+ monthly site visits.

After a competitive Europe-wide tender, VBB chose e-pixler to architect an enterprise-grade digital platform ready for the future. e-pixler’s holistic approach, hybrid project management, and accessibility focus made them the ideal TYPO3 partner to match the sophistication of VBB’s massive regional transit network.

By implementing TYPO3, VBB now delivers improved user experiences, inclusive access, and smooth information flows to passengers across Berlin and Brandenburg.

"Our public transportation association Berlin Brandenburg (VBB) is one of the largest associations in Europe and makes an important contribution to the mobility transition with around 1.4 billion passengers per year. We are pleased to have a competent and reliable partner at our side in e-pixler when it comes to digitization and web development,” Verena Löw, Head of Strategy & Communication, Authorized Representative, VBB.

Crafting a Smooth Ride: Optimizing UX and Performance

e-pixler conducted extensive analysis into VBB's UX, SEO, accessibility, and content. This informed development sprints employing core TYPO3 features like modular extensions. The result is a 4 minute 20 second average site visit duration, reflecting the platform’s intuitive navigation and search.

TYPO3 offered multiple functionalities ready to power VBB's needs right out of the box, while remaining flexible enough for e-pixler to build further bespoke solutions. This enabled a modular platform primed for growth, embodying VBB's major requirements:

  • Easy implementation of features like regional transit performance reporting, enabled through multiple TYPO3 training sessions
  • Robust scalability to handle rising demand and excel in managing increased traffic, through a new hosting infrastructure and CMS solution
  • Custom integrations feasible via diverse extension ecosystem
  • Intuitive editing for 40+ content editors via an improved, more usable backend
  • Enhanced search functionality for end-customers

“With creativity, commitment, and professional TYPO3 know-how, the collaboration not only leads to top results with our website relaunch; it is also fun and sharpens our perspective on current developments,” said Löw.

Specific achievements included conducting detailed accessibility analyses to optimize those metrics and implementing technical and visual redesigns. The revamped platform stands to provide a smooth ride for VBB's digital presence long into the future.

Scaling to Accommodate Surging Interest

By leveraging TYPO3’s enterprise-ready scalability and implementing appropriate hosting, e-pixler empowered VBB to handle over 400,000 monthly site visits without disruption. Multiple workshops and TYPO3 training sessions equipped VBB's 40+ editors to efficiently update content.

“With heartfelt thanks to the e-pixler team: professional cool troupe!” said Joachim Radünz, Strategy, Communication, Press and Public Relations Spokesperson, VBB.

e-pixler’s holistic approach to solving VBB’s needs showcases TYPO3’s power and flexibility. TYPO3 tackled this public transit leader’s ambitious requirements through versatile features and extensions, robust multisite capabilities, and enterprise-scale performance.

Let TYPO3 power your digital experiences.

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