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Taking Regional Governance Digital with TYPO3

Verband Region Stuttgart Undergoes Digital Transformation for Enhanced Civic Engagement with +Pluswerk

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The Verband Region Stuttgart (VRS) serves as the regional development agency for the Stuttgart region and its 2.8 million residents across 179 municipalities. While quite successful in promoting economic growth, the VRS sought to update its digital communication channels to better convey its goals and strengthen public discourse with constituents. This required refreshing outdated websites, some of which lacked essential features like online forms, and establishing the VRS’s first real social media presence.

Digital agency +Pluswerk worked closely with the VRS team and utilized the latest web technologies to transform VRS’s online engagement. The redesigned TYPO3-based website, along with a relevant social media presence, now facilitates substantive two-way discussions between the VRS and local citizens.

Verband Region Stuttgart wins the German Design Award 2024

Proven Excellence for Verband Region Stuttgart Relaunch

With the relaunch for the Verband Region Stuttgart, +Pluswerk won the German Design Award 2024 in the category of Excellent Communications Design Web.

The new digital platform of the Verband Region Stuttgart presents itself in a friendly and modern way with appealing images and a wide range of information. A nice idea is the Regionaut, which guides you through the content in a contemporary design.

German Design Award 2024 – Jury statement

Creating an Inviting New Digital Front Door

The clear focus point of the relaunch was the creation of a strong new brand concept for the VRS. The new design was based on including a clear edge as well as a fresh visual language – intended to break up the supposed sobriety of a political association. The key visual, the "Regionaut", accompanies the visitor through the website and encourages interaction.

The redesigned website is built on TYPO3 v11, offering multilingual support and lean customizations for future-proofing. Integration with VRS’ existing systems enables real-time syncing of events, news, and documents through APIs. Popular modules like forms, newsletters, and project landing pages enhance user experience.

TYPO3’s extensibility further allowed integration of the latest web capabilities:

  • Custom and dynamic contact forms compliant with privacy regulations
  • Flexible project landing pages with custom layouts
  • Easy content changes through TYPO3’s intuitive editor

The improved user experience with clear calls-to-action has steadily increased website traffic.




Cultivating Ongoing Conversations on Social Platforms

In a first for the VRS, +Pluswerk defined and implemented an integrated social media strategy spanning relevant platforms. Tailored visual styles and content plans help the VRS strengthen relationships with the region’s residents, attracting them to discuss growth opportunities and policy trade-offs. User comments offer a direct channel for public discussion, and any posts by the VRS are closely tracked/monitored to measure their impact.

Propelling Regional Growth with TYPO3

The Verband Region Stuttgart now facilitates connections between regional governance and local communities. +Pluswerk’s expertise in executing major communication overhauls proved invaluable in making the solutions for the VRS a remarkable success: the website and the social media presence continuously record increasing visitor and follower numbers.

Today, VRS is better positioned to disseminate ideas, spark constructive debate, and crowdsource solutions for regional priorities. Contact us to see how TYPO3 can transform your online presence.

Pluswerk's Expertise Drives Project Success and Enthusiasm

+Pluswerk provided competent guidance with clear direction – that’s how I would summarize the collaboration. Constructive communication that wasn’t afraid to set firm deadlines and point out where mistakes were made was invaluable, as was the guidance on correcting them. This approach enabled the completion of a project within a tight timeframe that is now garnering plenty of enthusiasm.

– Alexandra Aufmuth, Head of Press and Public Relations, Verband Region Stuttgart

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