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Your Step into a great future

The Professional Service Listing (PSL) is the perfect gateway to making your business known to a broader audience and to help it grow. The new platform enables you to get what you need to promote your products and services. Use different modules for your needs to become even smarter, more individualized, and increasingly professional.

Your free Basic Listing

Join for free and get your organization’s name, city, and country listed—without a time limit. This is your entrance to the Professional Service Listing. 

You have full flexibility to develop your list entry from a basic to a fully fletched profile page and other useful features

The match listing for everyone.

For Freelancers

Express yourself! Freelancers: Connecting a photo increases visibility and helps potential clients to develop an impression of you.

For Agencies and Hosters

Promote your organization the best way by showing your logo. Use the flagship of your brand to draw attention.

All Features

The Professional Service Listing provides useful tools to enrich and expand the list entry as well as to raise more international awareness.

Contact Form

It's all about communication. To get in contact with potential leads, the obligatory “first step” is required. You can enhance the communication with a dedicated contact form. Get the very most important information of your leads and then get in touch.

Profile Page

To be present has never been more essential. So the Profile Page module gives you new ways to show your competence that matters most and express yourself however you like.

Extend your Free Basic Listing with more detailed information to present yourself and your business to the outside world. Create your individual profile and use the teaser and description text to characterize who you are and what you do.

TYPO3 Association membership

Show how engaged you are by displaying your TYPO3 Association membership level. Experience shows that a better membership leads to a higher number of contacts.

Learn more about the different Memberships

TYPO3 Certified

TYPO3 CMS is one of the most important players in the Open Source CMS market and in-depth knowledge is a requirement for successful projects. Why not show the knowledge of the certified people and the organizations employing them?

Learn more about TYPO3 Certifications

Case Studies

Showcases and implemented projects are the best way to show-off competence in every area. Case studies give everybody an impression of your ability and skills at a glance. All paid PSL Entries with Profile page can submit Case Studies.

Submit a case study

Backlink to your company Page

No matter which business you’re in, increasing digital visibility is a common goal. The backlink connects your Professional Service Listing entry with your website. This will generate more traffic on your web presence and provide the user with more valuable information.

Map Markers

Maps are the best way to navigate and explore the world. Show presence and try to widen your range of customers at the same time. The map marker shows potential clients your business’ exact location (street, town, and country), which makes it easy to manage from one central place.

Services Badges

The Professional Service Listing provides many different opportunities, one of them being the service badges. There are four badges available in total: Development, Consulting, Design, and Hosting.

The badges will highlight both your company and competence to visitors at a glance. Let potential clients know which fields you are specialized in.


It’s good to have experts on board—people with competence who guide customers. If you’re offering consulting services, you should opt for the service badge “Consulting”.


Are you specialized in software development? Inform potential customers about it by choosing the service badge “Development”.


Is your business offering hosting services? You should opt for the service badge “Hosting” then. No matter which kind of hosting you’re providing: Be sure to make it visible.


Whether it’s for UX/UI, graphics, or web: Design makes the difference between ‘good’ and ‘excellent’. These days, this is indispensable for digital business. If you’re offering design services, you should opt for the service badge “Design”.

How to get listed?

While being a member of the TYPO3 Association gives you the option of actively participating in the shaping of TYPO3 CMS, the membership is not mandatory to participate in the Professional Service Listing. Everybody building solutions with TYPO3 CMS can participate for free.

Get started with your Free Basic Listing today! You can expand your entry with fee-based additional modules on a monthly basis according to your wishes and needs at any time.

The only thing you need is a MY TYPO3 account and a registered organization, that's all.

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