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Scaling Up Global Websites with TYPO3

Sysmex Europe & sitegeist

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Established in Japan in 1968, Sysmex is a global leader in manufacturing and supplying innovative analytical instruments and services for laboratory diagnostics. Sysmex Europe SE, located near Hamburg in Germany, serves as a regional headquarters and subsidiary of Sysmex Corporation. Operating across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), Sysmex Europe supports healthcare professionals and patients by offering a comprehensive range of medical diagnostics products and solutions. These solutions include cutting-edge instruments, diverse reagents, software, and reliable service and support. 

Sysmex stands as one of Europe's foremost laboratory diagnostics and healthcare companies, holding a global leadership position in haematology diagnostics and service. With over 50 years of active involvement, Sysmex Europe SE continues to set new standards and drive innovation in haematology and other specialized fields.

In 2012, Sysmex Europe SE needed to revamp its website to support the company’s growth in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Their old platform needed more flexibility, struggled with facilitating multiple languages, and had performance issues with increasing traffic. Sysmex sought a TYPO3 expert for a tailored enterprise solution.

With 25 localized websites and a customer portal to oversee, Sysmex prioritized flexibility and multi-language capabilities. Sysmex eventually selected sitegeist, a digital agency that has built a solid portfolio of handling complex, multilingual projects on TYPO3. Additionally, sitegeist’s commitment to lasting partnerships and proximity to Sysmex’s Europe HQ clinched the decision.

Optimizing Digital Infrastructure for Customer-Centricity

To address Sysmex’s needs, sitegeist tapped into TYPO3’s powerful multisite capabilities, creating a unified and simplified content framework across all of Sysmex’s web platforms. This framework was complemented by TYPO3’s built-in localization tools, which allowed sitegeist to establish a practical, centralized system for content translation and distribution to each regional website.

sitegeist then innovated a microservices architecture, to further enhance performance and reduce redundancies. A prime example of this innovation was the custom Sysmex Product API microservice. This tool worked to integrate product data from various channels, such as websites, the customer portal, and the e-commerce store, into one cohesive, easily accessible source. This consolidation not only streamlined data access but also significantly reduced the need for repetitive content management.

Seamless User Experience Across Channels

With TYPO3 powering its multisite architecture, Sysmex can now deliver tailored content to customers worldwide while maintaining branding consistency. TYPO3’s content management workflow facilitates collaboration between Sysmex's online marketing team and sitegeist to continuously optimize features using sitegeist's Fluid Styleguide. Fluid components developed in Styleguide enable content reusability across Sysmex’s properties.

Sitegeist also implemented a solution using TYPO3 as the single sign-on (SSO) provider to enable smooth navigation across Sysmex's web properties. Users can now easily access the information they need through a unified experience.

Ongoing Partnership for Future Growth

By selecting sitegeist as their strategic digital partner, Sysmex gained a solutions-focused agency ready to evolve alongside their business. With a scalable TYPO3 foundation in place, Sysmex is positioned to expand and localize its online presence as needed while providing customers with a unified brand experience.

For Sysmex Europe SE, implementing TYPO3 with the help of sitegeist delivered measurable improvements:

  • Efficient multisite management: Seamlessly managing 25+ localized websites from a unified CMS.
  • Improved performance: Boosting stability and speed through optimized microservices architecture.
  • Enhanced brand consistency: Creating a uniform brand experience across diverse web properties.
  • Streamlined localization: Simplifying multilingual content publishing workflows.
  • Scalable growth: Implementing an adaptable architecture ready for future expansion

Leveraging Customer Service via the My Sysmex Portal

In 2014, Sysmex initiated the development of pioneering customer service and relationship management by building and launching the "My Sysmex" customer portal. This portal was created as a central hub to provide customers with comprehensive access to various additional services. In particular, users are able to access regulatory documents relating to medical devices, ensuring that customers always receive up-to-date information.

The portal also offers access to training and further education opportunities on Sysmex's own platform. Customers can thus deepen their knowledge and keep up to date with the latest technology. Another key feature of the customer portal is the successful realization of exclusive online events for a select group of participants. These events not only provide a platform for the exchange of expertise, but also enable the virtual issuing of certificates in recognition of participation.

As a testimony to the continuous optimisation and adaptation to latest technological developments, the portal received an update to TYPO3 v11 in 2023. This update emphasizes Sysmex's commitment to always providing its customers with a modern and powerful platform that meets the demands of the times. The customer portal "My Sysmex" thus functions as an integrative tool that not only offers Sysmex customers smooth access to relevant information, but also serves as a link for joint learning and networking.

TYPO3 Extensions and Features Supported by Sysmex

Sysmex has championed and supported several pivotal TYPO3 extensions and features, including:

  • TranslateLabels (partially funded by Sysmex): Expands the TYPO3 translation handling to translation records that can be edited by backend users. This allows backend users to translate labels without needing access to the language files.
  • FluidComponents / Fluid Styleguide (partially funded by Sysmex): FluidComponents were among the first to be utilized by Sysmex, and the Fluid Styleguide has become an indispensable tool in daily operational project business.
  • ResponsiveImages (supported by Sysmex in the form of live testing): This provides ViewHelper and configuration to produce valid, responsive images based on TYPO3 image cropping.

TYPO3: Your Scalable Solution for Multisite Growth

Reflecting on the success of the collaboration between Sysmex Europe and sitegeist, Ines Lühmann, Teamleader Online Marketing for Sysmex Europe, said:

“We are satisfied with the outcomes of our project and our experience working with our new website built on TYPO3. The platform’s scalability has proven invaluable as our company continues to grow. Managing over 25 multilingual websites has become remarkably efficient, thanks to TYPO3's capabilities.”

For companies managing a global web presence, TYPO3 offers an enterprise-grade framework with baked-in multisite, multilingual, and microservices capabilities to future-proof online growth. To learn more about developing specialized TYPO3 solutions, read more about our successful projects.

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