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Aligning Digital Presence With Manufacturing Innovation

orangefluid Leverages TYPO3 11

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steute Technologies, a global leader in sensors and switching devices for over 60 years, found itself constrained by an aging TYPO3 v6 system. Despite having ten international subsidiaries and 450 employees worldwide, steute’s digital presence could not keep up with its manufacturing innovation.

In late 2020, with an urgent need to migrate to a new system, steute sought more than just a technical revamp. They required a partner who could understand the unique complexities of their business across brands, languages, and markets — one who could provide seamless integration with their e-commerce and product information systems.

steute sought a long-term TYPO3 partner with expertise in complex projects and a collaborative approach. After evaluating options, orangefluid’s impressive track record and shared emphasis on teamwork emerged as the ideal qualities for steute. Their portfolio with complex TYPO3 projects also met steute’s needs perfectly.

Addressing Complex Digital Needs With orangefluid

In 2021, orangefluid kickstarted steute’s transition to TYPO3 11, leveraging a modern tech stack that included Webpack, Bootstrap 5 and Javascript. This approach facilitated the rebuilding of the site to enhance speed and responsiveness. orangefluid enhanced the TYPO3 caching framework, boosting system performance to align with steute's specific content management needs. The redesign, executed with the collaboration of media agency pechschwarz, ensured a visually contemporary and appealing interface. 

A key aspect of the project was transitioning from Magento 1.x to WECO to better align with their SAP ERP solution. This move enabled unified capabilities across online shopping and content experiences. orangefluid also integrated the PimHub product information management (PIM) system with TYPO3, allowing product data to flow seamlessly onto the website. The search functionality was supercharged with a SOLR-based solution, making content discovery intuitive.

orangefluid implemented a robust CI (Continuous Integration) workflow, based on GitLab, DDEV & Deployer, ensuring secure and streamlined product development.

Crafting A Seamless Digital Experience

orangefluid enhanced multi-language handling, content management, and on-page tracking for SEO/SEA, significantly improving steute's global reach. These advancements in steute's system not only made content more accessible worldwide but also simplified the content management process, making it easier for steute to update and maintain their digital presence. The updated TYPO3 backend and integration of various APIs streamlined the delivery of specialized product information, facilitating targeted engagement and growth across international markets.

An additional key focus of the project was on delivering high-performance web pages. This emphasis on speed and efficiency not only enhanced the user experience but also contributed to reducing the CO2 emissions of the website. By optimizing the site's performance, orangefluid took a significant step towards eco-friendly digital practices, aligning with the growing need for sustainable online solutions.

The Proof Is In The Metrics

The outcomes of orangefluid's overhaul were immediately evident. steute saw:

  • 100% of their URLs meet Google’s mobile-friendliness criteria
  • Impressive growth in impressions and conversions
  • Faster, intuitive access to content across languages and brands
  • Streamlined content workflows with significant time savings

Redefining Success In Digital Transformation

In under a year, the outcomes of orangefluid's TYPO3 overhaul became palpable. steute witnessed a remarkable surge in user impressions and conversions. 

“The re-platforming of our websites with orangefluid as our TYPO3 agency was certainly one of the most enabling decisions for our online marketing department in recent years. The new website system puts us back on track to rapidly improve the efficiency of our digital marketing processes. We can now implement innovative ideas much faster and, at the same time, of even higher quality and at lower costs. Our new TYPO3 system is the linchpin for this,” a representative for steute said.

Demonstrating TYPO3's Potential with orangefluid

steute’s digital transformation with orangefluid underscores the capabilities of TYPO3 when handled by experts:

  • Efficient management: Offering solutions tailored to each brand, while maintaining a consistent framework.
  • Innovative integration: Seamlessly integrating multiple tools and extensions, providing a robust yet flexible digital platform.
  • Dedicated support: Continuous engagement, reflecting in the agile and iterative developments based on feedback.

As steute looks ahead, they envision a roadmap filled with further enhancements, staying adaptive to the ever-evolving technological landscape. This journey with orangefluid reiterates the transformative power of TYPO3 when steered by a dedicated partner.

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