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Disseminating critical information to the public requires a flexible and secure content management system. TYPO3 keeps sensitive data safe, up-to-date, and consistent across sites with granular user access permissions, multi-site capabilities, and built-in privacy and security standards. Its self-service tools allow citizens and employees to access government services without paperwork. Stay compliant, manage complex interactions, and promote citizen involvement in government through your public sector websites.

Robust security brings peace of mind

Providing consistent, critical, up-to-date information is vital to your mission. Keeping it that way across sites and platforms can be stressful, especially when sensitive data or potential bad actors are involved. Security and accuracy are top of your mind.

Inspire trust with up-to-date information

TYPO3’s multi-site capabilities allow you to reuse layouts, templates, and assets across sites — and update them all from a single source. Rely on our user access management, proactive security, and predictable release cycles to plan for the long term.

Performant and accurate for the long-haul

Whether it’s data privacy compliance, longer planning cycles, or unpredictable funding, TYPO3 understands the unique pressures you face in the public sector. We offer long-term and extended support for our feature-rich core, so you can update at your pace and remain secure.

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Governmental and Administrative Solutions

Clear and customizable publishing workflows

Ensuring that content is compliant and ready for the public can be an arduous process. Teams need the ability to stage, preview, approve, and finalize content in a secure and private environment before hitting “publish.” TYPO3’s publishing workflow comes equipped with powerful features like automatic publishing, previews, link-sharing, scheduling, and defined user roles and permission flows—so you can remain compliant and get the approvals you need before your content goes live. With Workspaces, you can even build a custom workflow. TYPO3 lets you build a publishing workflow that fits your organization’s specific requirements.

Manage large volumes of varied content

A content-rich web property with tens of thousands 10.000s of pages, topics, assets, articles, FAQs, profiles, etc. can be difficult to organize and manage. The TYPO3 backend provides Dashboards, reusable Content Elements, and structured, hierarchical Page Trees and List Views that can be easily filtered and searched. Content editors can better manage their time by reusing standard elements and relying on TYPO3’s Dashboard notifications to keep them on track. 

Security is the top priority

Your team shouldn’t have to find out about security issues in the news after it’s too late to do anything, and your IT team should be able to rely on your CMS to address any sudden security issues. TYPO3’s proactive security team has a proven track record of rapid incident response and follows the best industry practices for communication, fixing security issues, and releasing fixes quickly. With a proven track record for handling even the highest-risk, enterprise-level challenges, you can trust that TYPO3 makes security its top priority. 

Secure sites with powerful Access Control

If your organization handles sensitive user data, your internal users will need different access levels to the information you handle on the backend. TYPO’s powerful access control features help define user groups’ levels of access.  Additional security features like multi-factor authentication, IP-address detection, and internal user directories keep the wrong people from accessing your CMS. TYPO3 ensures your internal and external users can access the information they need, but not more. 

Respect user privacy

If your organization handles sensitive user data, your internal and external users alike must trust that you’re keeping them secure. With the TYPO3 CMS, you can schedule stored data for deletion or cleanup and automate security processes around privacy to prevent human error from unveiling sensitive data.  TYPO3 respects user privacy and sensitive information by design. 

Put editors in charge of asset management

Editors often fall into the trap of creating duplicate images or media while editing or forgetting to update new images on a website. Those responsible for editing images and branding need to be able to deploy changes system-wide. TYPO3 offers centralized file management, which provides the right asset for editors that need to edit, crop, or update assets shared across a single or multiple sites. Manage your shared media assets from a central location, and make sure the right people can edit and override assets system-wide. 

Meaningful user engagement

Reaching the right audience via your website is difficult unless you truly understand your end-users. TYPO3 makes it a breeze to gather leads and make connections via endless custom forms options, user personalization, and back-office marketing integrations and extensions. Engage more meaningfully with your end-users by gathering the information you need to know and personalizing your contact. 

Personalized self-service portals for end-users

A modern website should create spaces for users to perform actions like payments, form input, or profile edits, without the help of a customer service rep. TYPO3 enables your customers and logged-in users with self-service portals and powerful search functionality, so they can find and input the information without friction. Lessen the burden on your customer service and create efficient self-service tools that end-users prefer.

What other public servants are saying

Ryan Owens - Executive Director - Monadnock Conservancy

We couldn’t be happier with our new website, and we love the user-friendly yet powerful TYPO3 content management system.

Mirelle Vink - Online Project Manager - DMG

By using TYPO3, our marketing department is very flexible in publishing promotions and important content. This is very important for a commercial organization like DMG.

Marion in 't Zandt - Marketing & Communication - Veiling Rhein-Maas

TYPO3 helps us to edit and manage the content of our website easily and quickly from anywhere and at anytime. Furthermore it allows us to design our website to our wants and needs and to create, send and analyze our email-newsletters in a very efficient way.

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VBB Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg

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