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Caring for TYPO3 is our job

The TYPO3 GmbH was founded to act as the operational and commercial arm of the TYPO3 Project. In that role, we support the broader TYPO3 community by matching organizations with partners, promoting TYPO3, and sharing our know-how. We offer essential commercial products like SLAs and ETLS, as well as unbiased, third-party project reviews or mediation. What we’ll never do is compete with our partner agencies and freelancers. We’re here to support you in your TYPO3 endeavors.

What we do

Our mission is to enable and strengthen the broader TYPO3 Community. This goal informs everything we do, including partner promotion, professional development, knowledge-sharing, and support services.

We connect you with trusted partners

We love to connect people within the TYPO3 community and help you find technology resources that will help you and your organization excel. If you need consulting, development, or project work, explore our Professional Service Listing for our most trusted TYPO3 partners. If you’re looking for other software and systems that will enhance your TYPO3 project, check out our tech partnerships.

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We promote TYPO3 wherever (and whenever) we can

Our TYPO3 GmbH team members enjoy sharing their enthusiasm of TYPO3 with organizations, developers, marketers, and editors. Whether you’re hosting a community event, conference, barcamp, or a casual meetup, our team members can help organize or speak to TYPO3’s powerful features and performance. And because we’re open source, we have no qualms about sharing our processes, workflows, and contribution guidelines to anyone who wants to get involved. Get in touch to arrange for a TYPO3 GmbH keynote speaker or presenter at your next event.

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We share our knowledge and know-how

We have a font of knowledge about the TYPO3 CMS, and we’re eager to share it. To that end, we host code sprints and offer a unique training program for junior developers. During code sprints, the TYPO3 developer community comes together and educates one another as they improve the TYPO3 product. We work with agencies around the world to organize around 5-12 code sprints each year, and welcome newcomers and experts alike. Companies can also send us their junior developers for training on the job, free of charge. Trainees work with experienced developers to learn best practices while improving the TYPO3 core.

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We help you negotiate, navigate, and network

Sometimes projects don’t go according to plan. Whether you experience communication difficulties, need help outlining specific requirements, or want a second opinion, TYPO3 GmbH can help get you on track. Our team of TYPO3 professionals knows the CMS better than anyone and offers services in negotiation, navigation, and networking. While we don’t do TYPO3 projects, we can act as a trusted third party. Bring us on and we’ll help you figure out your project’s scope and requirements, delicately and with a promise of strict confidentiality.

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Our commercial offerings

We offer commercial products that ensure your organization gets the right level of support. Whether you need more time with an old TYPO3 version, infrastructure service, or an unbiased review, we have you covered.

Extended Support (ELTS)

ELTS gives your organization’s TYPO3 version an additional three years of official support.

Get up to three years of extended official support for your TYPO3 instance.


Wij bieden examens en certificeringen aan voor degenen die voldoen aan de wereldwijde…

Higher Education Package

Higher education institutions have complex needs. Learn about our highly supported, all-in-one…

Explore the official TYPO3 Higher Education Package for Universities.

What we don’t do

Enabling the TYPO3 community means respecting boundaries. Rather than work on TYPO3 Projects ourselves or contracting out TYPO3 GmbH employees, we help direct you to the best in the business.

We leave TYPO3 projects to partners

If you need to launch, upgrade, or relaunch a TYPO3 application or website, you’ll want a full-service agency or freelancer with experience in executing client projects. Our worldwide partners offer services in consulting, design, development, and hosting, and are certified in a wide range of specialties. We don’t compete with our partners, but we can direct you to the right people and help you filter for your needs. Check out our TYPO3 Professional Service Listing.

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Our team members aren’t for hire

While we’re proud of our TYPO3 GmbH team members’ talent and skills, we need them to work on projects that improve the core TYPO3 CMS experience. If you’re looking for a TYPO3 developer or designer to work on a short-term project or freelance basis, you can reach out to one of our trusted partners. We don’t compete with TYPO3 agencies and freelancers, but we can help match you with the right person for your job. Check out our TYPO3 Professional Service Listing to find a great partner.

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Get to know us

The TYPO3 GmbH family is made up of a passionate group of people who embody open source values: trust and respect, openness, sharing, and friendship and fun.

Our team

We have an engaging, innovative work culture, and our talented team members are excited to be contributing to the growth of TYPO3. Get to know them.

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We are looking for motivated, smart, and kind individuals who embody open source values. Come work with us and take TYPO3 to the next level.

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