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Work with Us! Jobs at TYPO3 GmbH

Continuous improvement plays a large role in our company's philosophy and the willingness to improve oneself is as important to us as a keen sense of quality. When new challenges arise, we need to adapt; to new places, new people, new tools, and new software. We are looking for highly motivated, open people to tackle such challenges, capable of working independently without (much) supervision.

As with everything in life, communication is vital, so we require English skills (at least B2/CAE or comparable. German helps, but isn't mandatory). Prefer part-time? Let's talk about it.


What we do

We at the TYPO3 GmbH burn for our powerhouse CMS. As a service company established by the TYPO3 Association, we provide support services and take on the development of the TYPO3 CMS software, as well as push the TYPO3 Project forward.

Every year we are actively involved in TYPO3 community live and online events—conferences, camps, or user groups. We give talks, offer workshops or linger in the background and give a helping hand if assistance is needed in whichever way.

We are also responsible for maintaining and further developing platforms in the TYPO3 ecosystem—e.g., my.typo3.org - the TYPO3 user hub, shop.typo3.com - the official TYPO3 shop, exam.typo3.com - the TYPO3 online certification platform, and various community support platforms (for example, forger.typo3.com or the TYPO3 community reimbursement platform).

What we offer

We offer an open work environment where you decide whether you would like to work at our office in Düsseldorf, Germany, or you'd prefer to work remotely. While we prefer working with staff close to the central European time zone, this is not mandatory; it would make communication easier.

Work ergonomics is our top priority, and one major perk of working for TYPO3 is that you can choose your hardware.This includes your choice of table and chair, peripherals like keyboard, mouse, headset and computer monitor, and computer hardware and operating system. The whole nine yards!

We offer competitive salaries in a family-friendly work environment with recreational office space, quarterly team events to get to know your work colleagues. Last but not least, we offer our soon-to-be trademarked Anything Goes Friday--an off-day for Open Source to work on anything TYPO3.

What we expect from you

Being open-minded and proactive. Yeah, we get it, everyone says this. But being open-minded and proactive only works when the company also listens - which we do.

Willingness to learn, share knowledge, and deliver high-quality solutions to challenges. Since we're in a special field with Open Source software, we more often than not need fresh ideas outside of beaten paths. We don't care too much about what you can do today, we care a lot about what you want to be able to do in the future and how we all can get there together.

Be vocal and become a member of our team. A team is always a set of individuals that hold the same values and has established effective communication with each other. We don’t want you as just a mark on a piece of paper - we want you to become a vital part of our team. We want you to speak freely and raise your concerns and share your thoughts and ideas, we also want you to listen to everybody else just as they listen to you.

You should be able to self-manage yourself. This doesn't mean we don't care about our teams. It means we put a lot of trust in you right from the start and in return expect that you act responsibly... both in terms of the company and your team.

It is a must that you have the ability to make decisions. As much as we like teamwork and a culture of productive discussion, the time when you need to make a decision will come eventually. And making a bad decision is worse than not making a decision at all. But bad decisions don't necessarily become issues - we take a lot of time to analyze the decision, understand the motivation and make sure nobody on the team makes the same mistake. That's what being open is all about.

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