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The (open) source of our strength

Can an open source solution deliver excellent results and ROI as well as security, reliability, and predictability? TYPO3 can! It has a unique position within the CMS market, where the benefits of open source—flexibility, extensibility, and innovation velocity—are combined with features normally associated with proprietary commercial closed-source systems—vendor SLAs, predictable release cycles, and industry-standard security practices. TYPO3’s vibrant professional ecosystem, focus on quality and security, and its strong commercial vendor set the CMS apart from the crowd of both open source and proprietary web content management systems and make it a solid technology choice.

Continuity, Community, & Open Source

A resilient organizational structure—a non-profit association, a commercial arm, and a vibrant professional open source community working in close harmony—set TYPO3 apart from other enterprise content management systems. 

Open communities can deliver excellent results and ROI compared to proprietary solutions, but can lack the support, reliability, and structure that your organisation needs.

TYPO3’s professional community approach delivers an open source enterprise content management system that can deliver today’s ambitious digital experiences—in reliable, predictable releases of up-to-date code and features designed for today’s market.

  • Consistent, on-time releases and code quality underscore TYPO3’s predictability and long-term reliability.
  • TYPO3’s community organizational structure fosters the CMS’s stability and supports growth. The TYPO3 Association and its commercial arm (TYPO3 GmbH), work in close collaboration with a community of web development professionals.
  • Delivering today’s web: The TYPO3 Core Team’s roadmap and development goals are focused on enabling digital agencies—the core of the TYPO3 community—to build and deliver the best possible projects for their clients. 
  • 100% open source. TYPO3 and its related projects are licensed under the GPL, Gnu Public License, meaning you are always free to use it, understand it, modify it, and pass on your changes to anyone.
  • Up-to-date features and coding practices have been a defining marker for TYPO3 since 1999.
  • TYPO3 CMS is built on open source industry-standards, including: libraries (e.g. Symfony components), practices (PSR-compliant implementations, Composer-based dependency management), and PHP (the language running 80% of the web), making it a valuable, easy-to-learn skill set for web developers familiar with other systems. 

Certification & Training

TYPO3’s official certifications and training infrastructure are a manifestation of the community’s focus on quality. They can help you find and choose the right partners, service providers, and expert web professionals.

Making an uninformed choice when hiring individuals or agencies can break your web project.

TYPO3’s developer, integrator, editor, and consultant certifications document an individual’s expert-level TYPO3 knowledge. Hiring an agency of experienced and certified professionals increases your chances of success—if the agency is also an official TYPO3 GmbH partner, even moreso.

  • Choose the right partner by looking for TYPO3 certifications. A better TYPO3 service provider will have more certified employees.
  • Hire expert professionals. Certified developers, integrators, editors, and consultants have passed exhaustive tests confirming their TYPO3 expertise.
  • Certifications are a seal of quality for agencies and developers, and a manifestation of the TYPO3 community’s focus on quality assurance.

Commercial Support, SLAs, and Integrations

The TYPO3 Company backs up the CMS with the full range of products and services that enterprise buyers need for peace of mind and an easy purchase decision, including commercial support, vendor-level SLAs, project reviews, industry partnerships, and official integrations with leading companies like Google.

Proprietary, closed-source CMS vendors offer commercial support and industry partnerships, but without the benefits of open source. Many open source solutions lack a cohesive, commercial offering to back them up.

The TYPO3 Company is the official software vendor and offers products, services, and guarantees for TYPO3 CMS—and you get all the benefits of open source, as well as a vibrant professional community behind it.

  • Vendor-level SLAs – crucial for many government and enterprise customers – provided by the official commercial vendor, TYPO3 GmbH (a German limited liability company), aka. “The TYPO3 Company”.
  • Extended support plans last up to six years—three years beyond free community support—and keep your TYPO3 installation up-to-date with the latest compatibility and security updates.
  • Official project reviews objectively document project quality and can be purchased from the TYPO3 Company.
  • Official Industry partnerships provide TYPO3 with officially supported and maintained integrations for valuable services from Google Ads, Bynder, Cloudflare, Mautic, and others.
  • Find relevant and experienced agencies, hosts, and freelancers through the TYPO3 Company’s official partner network.
  • TYPO3 GmbH project support includes project management, and quality and completion guarantees for projects carried out by official partner agencies. 

Predictable Release Cycles

TYPO3’s regular release cycle helps plan costs and timelines. Every major release is an enterprise-ready professional product that includes up to six years of Long-Term Support.

Maintaining and upgrading a CMS installation can be an expensive headache. Certainty about your upgrade path and support opportunities is a prerequisite for remaining competitive and building customer satisfaction.

TYPO3 delivers predictable release timelines and long-term support solutions backed up by a professional development team.

  • Every 18 months, a major TYPO3 version with Long-Term Support (LTS) is released.
  • Six years of security updates and bug fixes for every Long-Term Support version. The first three years are covered by the community and Security Team. You have the option to purchase up to three extra years under the Extended Long-Term Support (ELTS) program.
  • Constant innovation delivered through regular, continual releases.
  • Predictable cost and timeline planning: You can rely on TYPO3’s regular release cycles.
  • A professional core development team supported structurally and financially by the TYPO3 Association and Company.

Security as a core principle

TYPO3 CMS is backed by a dedicated security team that follows industry-standard security practices and responds rapidly to reduce and remove attack vulnerabilities.

Your customers’ trust is on the line, but you depend on your CMS developers to keep your mission-critical web applications secure.

TYPO3’s dedicated security team is supported structurally and financially by the official TYPO3 community entities and has a proven track record of rapid incident response

  • Dedicated Security Team supported financially by the TYPO3 Association and Company.
  • Industry-standard security practices across full workflow: reporting, fixing, announcing, and releasing fixes.
  • Rapid incident response by the Security Team, delivering solutions outside our own TYPO3 focus.
  • Lower attack vulnerability when comparing published exploits for Joomla (1,438), Wordpress (1,283), Drupal (40), and TYPO3 (17) at exploit-db.com (08 August, 2021).
  • Running an ELTS program to secure even older versions.

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