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Strengthening Collaboration for Success

Welcome to the TYPO3 Partner Program, your gateway to collaborative success in the world of web development and digital solutions. Join our partner program designed for Freelancers, Agencies, and Technology Providers to unlock exclusive benefits, connect with a global community, and expand your business opportunities.

Discover the Partnership Levels at TYPO3 GmbH

Find out Which Category Suits you Best

TYPO3 Consultant Partner

The TYPO3 partnership for freelancers, TYPO3 consultants and trainers.

TYPO3 Solution Partner

The TYPO3 partnership for TYPO3 agencies and service providers.

TYPO3 Technology Partner

The TYPO3 partnership for TYPO3 hosters and integration partners.

Benefits of the TYPO3 Partner Program

Financial Advantages, Enhanced Communication, and Collaborative Opportunities with TYPO3

The primary objective of the new TYPO3 partner program is to create additional value for our partners. Essentially, it extends our existing services by offering a range of premium benefits to those who provide long-term support. This support enables us to plan more effectively and actively promotes the ongoing development of the TYPO3 Project.

Financial Benefits

Through the partnership, TYPO3 provides partners with various financial advantages over non-partners, ensuring mutual monetary gain from the collaboration.

These financial benefits extend beyond rebates and discounts on official TYPO3 services and products. They also encompass an attractive kickback option of up to 45% annually on GmbH services, along with potentially reduced sponsorship rates for TYPO3 events.

Communication & Marketing

The core aspect of the TYPO3 Partner Program is the joint, targeted communication of the advantages of the TYPO3 CMS and the TYPO3 ecosystem. Both TYPO3 and the partners benefit from the centrally bundled communication and marketing measures within the partner program.

The partners are given the opportunity to position themselves as experts on typo3.com and on all official communication channels and benefit from the high visibility and outreach of TYPO3.

Exchange & Collaboration

Successful partnerships are based on regular, joint exchanges. Within the framework of the partnership, it is therefore important to establish and expand the flow of communication between both parties.

By being part of the partner program, partners receive invitations and access to regular roundtables organized by TYPO3 with a focus on (if required) security-related topics, product strategy and further development of TYPO3. The roundtables are used both to present information on TYPO3 innovations and to obtain valuable feedback from the partner.

Discover our TYPO3 Partners

TYPO3 Partner: What Else you Can Expect

Because we Listened to What you Had to Say

Successful long-term collaboration is built on transparency, communication, and trust. We have taken into account your feedback from the previous partner program, ensuring that the added value you requested is included.

No More Monthly Invoices

Partners will have the full Professional Services Listing included.

Payback Time

You will receive an annual rebate of up to 45% on all services booked with TYPO3 GmbH.

Make It Official

Become an official 'TYPO3 Partner' and be included in TYPO3 GmbH's official marketing activities.

Show Us What You Got

Receive two fully elaborated, multilingual case studies for publication on typo3.com.

Be Part of It

Gain the option to participate in official TYPO3 trade show booths.

Make It Visible

Benefit from visibility on the prominent landing pages of typo3.com. 

Giving Back

Receive an annual event sponsorship for use at events or camps.

Longer Support

As a partner, gain the exclusive option for a fourth year of ELTS.

Talk to Us

Get exclusive invitations to our nationwide Agency Roundtables.

Still want more?

  • We offer you exclusive dialog on security-related topics - for fewer sleepless nights before security releases.
  • You will receive direct lead recommendations from our pool of inquiries that match your skills.
  • You will be assigned a direct, personal contact person at TYPO3 GmbH who will be available to answer all your questions from now on.

Become a Partner today!

In conclusion, the TYPO3 Partner Program serves as a gateway to success within the TYPO3 community. Whether you are a freelancer, agency, or technology provider, we have a partnership level tailored to your specific goals and aspirations. By joining us, you contribute to strengthening TYPO3's market presence and, in return, benefit from a vibrant, collaborative community dedicated to championing your success.

Discover today how becoming a TYPO3 Partner can empower your business and open doors to new opportunities!

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