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A Global Standard for TYPO3 Certifications

The TYPO3 Certification Team is committed to the development of a global standard for TYPO3 certifications. The certification program verifies the knowledge of the certified and the organizations employing them. The exams consist of multiple steps, each requiring different expertise.

A Collaboration between the Certification and the Education Team provides learning materials to support the certification candidates.

1. Know the Syllabus

We have compiled educational objectives for each topic you need to know to be certified. Familiarise yourself with the syllabus and use it as a checklist while learning.

Read the Syllabus

2. Dive Into the Objectives

There are various resources available to prepare. Mostly the syllabus and hands-on experience will help you to get prepared.

Watch video tutorials

3. Sign Up

You are able to take an exam at different TYPO3 events, such as camps, conferences, or an official re-certification event. A list of all events can be found here, and list of current TYPO3 Certification Events can be found here, on Eventbrite.

Alternatively, since July 2020 we also offer all certifications online: https://exam.typo3.com/guide

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4. Take the Exam

Be on time, keep calm, and master it. Good luck! Once you have passed the exam, we will send you your certificate and list you on the TCCE listing page.

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Validity of the TYPO3 CMS Certified Editor Certification

The TYPO3 CMS Certified Editor certificate expires 24 months after the date of issue. 

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