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The (open) source of our strength

TYPO3’s commitment to open source is essential to our product. Our open source, professional CMS gives you the flexibility to plan for the future, add functionality, and rely on our top-notch security. As citizens of the broader open source community, we collaborate and give back to other products and groups, to strengthen our own software. By joining our community as a user or contributor, you help strengthen TYPO3, too. 

You benefit from TYPO3's open source ethos

TYPO3 is continually reinvented by an open source community. Our CMS puts the principles of open source into action for a reliable, secure, and innovative digital experience.

Stay open and flexible with TYPO3

Entering long-term contracts can burden companies with stress and unnecessary costs. TYPO3's use of open source licenses, tools, frameworks, and languages like Symfony, Composer, and PHP encourages customization that fully meets your needs — with no vendor lock-in. Our commitment to open source means that you can adapt to changes flexibly and choose the best software integrations for your product.

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Committed and consistent maintenance cycles

You need to be able to count on your open source CMS in the long-term. TYPO3 offers regular release and maintenance cycles, so you can rely on our product and know when it’s time to update to the latest version. Regular maintenance, priority bug fixes, and three years of optional, extended long term support (ELTS) make for predictable cost and timeline planning.

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A laser-sharp focus on security

Protecting your users’ personal data and securing your software from vulnerabilities is of utmost importance. TYPO3 makes security a top priority. We apply industry-standard best practices and update our software regularly with releases and bug fixes. Our dedicated security team responds to incidents and vulnerabilities rapidly to keep your site protected.

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Active citizenship within the Open Source Community

The open source ethos is about giving back as much as you take. We believe that open source products are made stronger by willing and enthusiastic contributions. To give back, we support and promote other open source products and technology partners, contribute to PHP standards, and participate in the CMS Garden community. We also collaborate on security issues with other open source CMS platforms, including Eco, Joomla, and Drupal.

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Open Source with professional support

TYPO3 GmbH was founded to enable the open source TYPO3 community. We champion developers and agencies, offer professional services to bolster use of our tech, and forge partnerships with other tech companies and pioneers.

Our professional services

We offer commercial products to support your organization. Whether you need Extended Long Term Support for an older TYPO3 version, Service Level Agreements, or an unbiased TYPO3 project review, we have you covered.

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Partnerships with industry leaders

We have official partnerships, product integrations, and infrastructure agreements with leading tech companies like with Google Ads, Bynder, Blackfire, Cloudflare, Mautic, and more that provide valued, tested services to your team.

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Explore our Professional Service Listing

Search TYPO3's knowledgeable network of TYPO3-certified agencies, hosts, and freelancers. Located around the world, they can provide the consulting, design, development, or hosting expertise you need. 

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Join the TYPO3 Community

If you care about open source values like openness, trust, and collaboration as much as we do, there's a place for you in the TYPO3 community. Help shape TYPO3’s future.

Document TYPO3’s practices and processes

TYPO3's comprehensive and detailed documentation is compiled by a group of stellar contributors. Become a contributor and learn the philosophies and tools behind TYPO3, inside and out.

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Enhance the TYPO3 Codebase

TYPO3 is built on top of widely adopted, open source technology like PHP, Symfony or Bootstrap. You can help build features and fix bugs by writing code for the TYPO3 core or any of its outstanding extensions and integrations.

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Our teams need your skillset

All of our product efforts—from marketing to localization to accessibility—are community-based and open source. Come together as a team with people of diverse skill sets to improve our CMS. 

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Contribute to our conversations

Want to stay in touch? TYPO3 has an active Slack channel, local user groups and events around the world, and a warm and welcoming community. Become a part of it.

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