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Borders don’t have to be barriers

Maintaining a web presence across multiple locales and websites can be complicated and labor-intensive, but attracting tourists and visitors requires a global reach.  TYPO3’s built-in multisite and multilingual capabilities simplifies global outreach and allows your organization to create a professional, localized web presence that connects with potential tourists. Our CMS can handle and organize large volumes of content, so you can convey the unique cultural identity of your destination.

Pinpoint the right customers

When customers are looking for vacation options, sight-seeing, or entertainment, timing is critical. Specify and segment your data insights by location, language, and more. Optimize your marketing campaigns for your target audience.

Find, engage, and book customers smoothly

Keep both new and returning visitors engaged while guiding them seamlessly through the booking process with TYPO3’s personalization capabilities and e-commerce integrations.

Communicate in your customers’ language

TYPO3’s built-in multilingual functionality supports any number of languages, in all writing systems and reduces translation errors, so you can reach your customers clearly and authentically.

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Fast and relevant search results

When searching for content on your website, end-users need fast, relevant, and up-to-date results. TYPO3’s enterprise search functionality offers a faceted, drill-down search that integrates with Solr and ElasticSearch. Content Editors can analyze search results to optimize content and improve end users’ experience. TYPO3 provides powerful search functionality that leads users to the right content, quickly.

Meet website visitors where they are

Managing and delivering content for many different target groups across multi-site websites can pose a difficult challenge for enterprises. TYPO3’s user groups, multi-site installations, and persona targeting let you decide when and how to show content to different users while sharing brand resources to reduce repetitive work. With its fine-grained access control and smart content targeting, you can ensure users get what they need.

A shared backend for multiple sites and locales

Managing internal and external users can be difficult for a global or distributed organization, especially if they need a multi-site setup. Add as many sites as you need in your TYPO3 multi-site installation, and centrally manage languages, domains, individual sites, page access, and user rights in a single, shared backend. TYPO3’s multi-site installations are maintainable, efficient, and flexible to meet your organization’s specific needs. 

Address global users in their native tongue

Addressing a diverse, international audience can pose a translation challenge to organizations delivering content across multiple regions. TYPO3’s fine-tuned multilingual features allow your content editors to set default and fallback languages and set up an efficient translation workflow for each local language.Your visitors can trust they’ll see regional, localized content on your website because TYPO3 is fine-tuned for multilingual organizations. 

Plays well and fast with search algorithms

Low-ranking search results, slow load times, and poor social media can prevent your most compelling content from getting the attention it deserves. The TYPO3 Core software comes built-in with structured content that enhances SEO, including metadata, schema markups, accessibility fields, and other tools that help raise your profile. You can trust TYPO3 to provide a powerful and performant technical base for delivering content to search engines and social media algorithms while loading web pages quickly. 

What Tourism and Cultural organizations are saying

Tan Nguyen - Head of IT - Puresurfcamps

We have been using TYPO3 for 6 years. It’s easy for our editors to maintain our products and pages. The TYPO3 Extension - lux helped us to analyze & optimize the customer journey on our Websites.

Ryan Owens - Executive Director - Monadnock Conservancy

We couldn’t be happier with our new website, and we love the user-friendly yet powerful TYPO3 content management system.

Daniel Börlein - Editor-in-Chief Digital Media - 1. FC Nürnberg

TYPO3 offers many customizing options and ensures a secure and stable website at all times. The adjustable user rights are particularly valuable for everyday editorial work. The clear and above all uncomplicated handling are an enormous benefit for the work processes.

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