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A CMS for all industries new and old, public or privately-owned

No matter your industry, you need a CMS that enables digital business and has you covered with security, compliance, performance, and scalability. Whether you’re dealing with complex supply chains in healthcare or manufacturing, or organizing a broader community through government or sports clubs, TYPO3 has a solution for you. Gain a digital leg up with TYPO3’s performant and feature-rich software offerings.

TYPO3 for your industry

The manufacturer’s digital toolbox

Manufacturers often have to manage multi-faceted supply chains and sales channels while gathering the right insights from a complex web of operations. Planning is key. You need a CMS that is customizable, extensible, and can rise to any business challenge. TYPO3’s multisite capabilities, easy integrations, and flexible workflows meet your needs as a modern manufacturer. Build a digital presence to showcase your products and begin reaching new partners with TYPO3.

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Healthcare: Privacy-first and patient-centric

In the healthcare industry, you need a CMS that can keep up with shifting regulations, volumes of data, and complex product integrations. You need the highest levels of security and privacy to maintain patient trust and legal compliance. TYPO3 offers a strong security ecosystem, structured site management, built-in privacy tooling, and long term commercial support. Secure your healthcare website and spend more time engaging with patients. 

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Clarity, strength, and resilience for finance and logistics

You need a powerful CMS to handle the daily complexities of finance and logistics. Whether you have one branch or many, TYPO3’s centralized asset management, reusable templates, and multisite capabilities help you maintain a consistent tone and character to protect your reputation. Employees and customers alike can use TYPO3’s self-service tools to reduce time-consuming tasks. TYPO3 secures company and user data, illuminates and strengthens your processes with analytics, and helps you monitor your supply chain—keeping it all intact and resilient.

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Government websites that inspire trust

Disseminating critical information to the public requires a flexible and secure content management system. TYPO3 keeps sensitive data safe, up-to-date, and consistent across sites with granular user access permissions, multi-site capabilities, and built-in privacy and security standards. Its self-service tools allow citizens and employees to access government services without paperwork. Stay compliant, manage complex interactions, and promote citizen involvement in government through your public sector websites.

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Get ahead of the curve with TYPO3 for Education

Conveying in-depth, educational content to a varied audience of students, families, and teachers is a complicated undertaking. Universities, primary school systems, trade schools, and publishers all use TYPO3 to organize and present enriching content to learners. Our CMS safeguards your users’ sensitive data, provides reliable infrastructure, and offers long-term support plans, so you can focus on student success.

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Connect your fan community with TYPO3 for Sports

Your online sports community needs the right software to flourish and attract new fans and membership. TYPO3 captures insights on visitors, provides real-time stats for loyal fans, and enables e-commerce integrations that help them shop for merchandise. Launch campaigns to hype up your fans for live events and beat out the competition.

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Traverse borders with TYPO3 for Tourism & Culture

Maintaining a web presence across multiple locales and websites can be complicated and labor-intensive, but attracting tourists and visitors requires a global reach.  TYPO3’s built-in multisite and multilingual capabilities simplifies global outreach and allows your organization to create a professional, localized web presence that connects with potential tourists. Our CMS can handle and organize large volumes of content, so you can convey the unique cultural identity of your destination.

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Score smarter shoppers with TYPO3

The more product information you have, the harder it is to make clear, compelling content that reaches (and resonates with) your customers. TYPO3’s multisite functionality and extensible software allows you to integrate with best in breed ecommerce and marketing tools to sell your product lines across channels. Add on analytics and tailored purchasing systems as you go, then organize and target your content to reach your intended audience, no matter the device or channel.

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We support your NGO’s mission

As an NGO, you put others first. You need a low-cost website with robust functionality to attract volunteers and donors, while satisfying your mission’s aims. TYPO3’s open source platform is free to license and provides an excellent user experience, security, and privacy by design—as well as a knowledgeable community you can turn to for support. From frontend to backend, TYPO3 helps direct your limited resources towards their best use: helping other people.

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A solution for every scenario

Organizations that use TYPO3 CMS vary widely in scope, scale, and ambitions. TYPO3’s features, performance, and administrative services support use cases for organizations of all kinds. Whether you're small and growing, a multinational and multibrand enterprise, or an agency building headless apps and campaigns for your clients, TYPO3 offers customizable solutions for you.

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We help specialists succeed

No successful teams are made of just one kind of person, so no CMS should be designed with only one specialization in mind. TYPO3 supports every team member in your organization with flexible, customizable features and workflows that closely align with their day-to-day tasks and long-term goals. Satisfy all your essential team members, from the decision-makers creating a five-year strategy to the developers, marketers, editors, and publishers that make it happen.

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