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Your customers have limited time and many different entities competing for their attention. They expect websites to load blazingly fast on all their devices—if your pages are slow to load, they might move on to your competition. TYPO3 websites are built to perform at all levels of traffic, backed by strong security features and predictable release cycles. With TYPO3, you can build information-rich digital experiences that are secure, reliable, fast, and perform well at any scale.

Performance & Scalability

TYPO3 improves audience retention and customer conversion rates by delivering content to your audience faster.

Page load time affects your bottom line. Customers abandon slow pages. A one-second delay decreases conversions significantly.

In independent studies, TYPO3 was the fastest-rendering CMS, giving instant responses that help you retain site visitors.

  • High-speed content delivery thanks to advanced page caching and CDN (Content Delivery Network) support.
  • Scale sites to handle massive traffic requirements of large loads of concurrent users and pages served.
  • Manage multisite and multi-domain installations that remain performant at scale.
  • Rely on scalable system architecture that helps your site grow with your business requirements.
  • Speed up load times for repeat visitors using our built-in caching framework
  • Configure caching to save on resource requests, preload images, and more


Security is a serious business when it comes to your website, that’s why it’s one of the top priorities for the TYPO3 CMS and community.

Neglecting security could lead to loss of reputation due to malicious user access,  malware, or compromised user data.
TYPO3 arms you with strong security features, encryption, and authentication tools for best-in-class website security to protect your customers.

Configure access control. Restrict logins by IP address, domain, and role-based user permissions for administrators and site editors.

  • Employ industry-standard encryption algorithms, such as Argon2i and PBKDF2. 
  • Secure practices by default, including files stored outside web root and granular access rights for assets, files, and folders. 
  • Implement Multi-factor authentication to protect business-critical data and sensitive user data
  • Trigger password resets from the TYPO3 backend

Reliability & Compliance

Our reliability and compliance features give you peace of mind. We meet current regulations like GDPR, and are committed to maintaining standards in the future. 

Use of non-compliant software or unstable infrastructure could lead to website downtime or unwanted penalties. You don’t want to be caught in the lurch.

TYPO3 offers compliant software, a dedicated security team, and integrations with secure service providers to limit downtime and protect your brand’s reputation.

  • Comply with GDPR and other regulations, and make sure developers are empowered to build compliant extensions
  • Integrate directory service providers like LDAP, Active Directory, ‘Login with Google’ and many more
  • Audit trails: List and revert changes for an entire installation, a site, a page, or a part of the page tree.
  • Ensure protection against Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) in all backend modules.
  • Rely on a dedicated Security Team, TYPO3 Security Bulletins, security news feed (RSS), and more.
  • Get independent security audits with TYPO3 GmbH’s Project Review service.

Site Management, Updates, Upgrades, and Administration

TYPO3 reduces your total cost of ownership with predictable release cycles and core upgrade tools to make maintenance and upgrades smoother.

The unpredictable time and cost of installing, upgrading, and maintaining your web properties present a business risk. 

Be prepared with TYPO3 CMS’s reliable software lifecycle management and centralized site administration tools.

  • Plan ahead for updates and maintenance in sync with TYPO3’s regular release cycles.
  • Centralized site management with TYPO3’s Site Management Module. Configure website languages, human-readable and SEO-friendly URLs, website entry points, and general settings all in one place. 
  • Review the most important system details at a glance with the Admin Panel.
  • Reduce risk with seamless core upgrade procedures when upgrading across major versions.
  • Accurately assess the cost of upgrading custom code with the built-in Extension Scanner’s detailed overview.

Hosting, System, and Environment

TYPO3 is built on the web’s most popular programming language. It is cloud-ready and compatible with industry-standard databases, web servers, and browsers.

You need your website to run on infrastructure that meets your compatibility and compliance requirements, and that your teams already know and use.

TYPO3 supports a wide array of server software, databases, and browsers to suit your needs.

  • PHP runs 80% of all websites and TYPO3 runs on the most recent version of the programming language.
  • Host anywhere - TYPO3 is supported on Linux, Windows, Mac, and all public and private cloud infrastructures. TYPO3 is cloud-ready and scalable on any cloud hosting infrastructure.
  • Web server support. TYPO3 CMS runs on the infrastructure you already run, be it Apache, NGINX, Microsoft IIS, or Caddy Server.
  • Database agnostic. TYPO3 is compatible with PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MariaDB, MySQL, and SQLite.
  • Compatible with all major browsers for site visitors and editors. TYPO3 supports the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge, as well as Internet Explorer version 11 and higher.

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