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A forward-looking approach to content management

Organizations and businesses succeeding with TYPO3 today come from a broad range of industries—and adopt our CMS for a wide variety of use cases. Every venture is now a digital venture. Whether you need a CMS for launching campaigns for your NGO or to internationalize your manufacturing company, you need content management solutions that ensure security, performance, targeted content delivery across channels and devices. Reach your ideal user base with TYPO3.

Solutions for every sector

Gain a digital advantage in your industry

No matter your industry, you need a CMS that enables digital business and has you covered with security, compliance, performance, and scalability. Whether you’re dealing with complex supply chains in healthcare or manufacturing, or organizing a broader community through government or sports clubs, TYPO3 has a solution for you. Gain a digital leg up with TYPO3’s performant and feature-rich software offerings.

TYPO3 for your industry


E-commerce sites face unique challenges that require intelligent solutions. Hone in on your ideal market and build smart campaigns with consistent, on-brand messaging that always finds your customers.


Serve students, families, and educators the information they need to plan and improve their futures. The TYPO3 CMS helps you manage, organize, and deliver large volumes of content across complex institutions.

Finance and Logistics

Markets can be unpredictable. The TYPO3 CMS provides the data you need to make lightning-fast decisions and helps steer you smoothly through security issues, supply chain hiccups, or compliance quandaries.


Information for your constituents must be available and up-to-date. TYPO3 safeguards your public sector organization with predictable release cycles, data privacy and compliance standards, and multi-site functionality.


TYPO3 ensures that sensitive healthcare data remains secure and private. We support your digital needs and keep your software compliant, freeing you to focus on patient welfare.



Whatever you produce, you need a modern CMS to connect your business to today’s marketplace. TYPO3 CMS creates smart, digital spaces for manufacturers with multiple business lines, products, and customers.

NGOs and Nonprofits

Highlight your NGO’s mission the moment someone lands on your page. Rally people to your cause with a unified, manageable, secure site for first-time visitors, members, volunteers, employees, and potential donors.

Sports Clubs and Associations

Staying connected with your supporters in real-time is crucial. TYPO3 helps your visitors get the information they need. Our CMS is fast and stays fast during peak traffic—like during big games and playoffs.

Tourism and Culture

Tourism and culture is a people business. TYPO3’s highly localizable CMS and analytics insights connect you with your ideal visitors. Simplify travel by attracting interested tourists in their own language.

Companies and organizations succeed with TYPO3


Apply our solutions to your specific use case.

A solution for every scenario

Organizations that use TYPO3 CMS vary widely in scope, scale, and ambitions. TYPO3’s features, performance, and administrative services support use cases for organizations of all kinds. Whether you're small and growing, a multinational and multibrand enterprise, or an agency building headless apps and campaigns for your clients, TYPO3 offers customizable solutions for you.

TYPO3 for your use case


Well-crafted campaigns blend data analysis with a personal touch. The TYPO3 CMS helps support, target, and carry out campaigns that broaden your customer base.


TYPO3 is built for enterprises—we know your operations are complex and that your brand reputation is paramount. Our site services, security, and powerful content management features are built to match the scale of your needs.

Growing Organizations

With growth comes higher expectations—from customers, partners, and team members alike. TYPO3 helps you start small and scale. Expand your operations with flexible campaign infrastructure, relationship management tools, and stable, strong performance.

International Organizations

In a digitally connected world, translating content is the tip of the iceberg. You need internationalized SEO, fallback languages, and campaign plans for multiple time zones. Craft a global content strategy with TYPO3.


Coordinating domains, assets, languages, analytics, and user permissions across brands can make your head spin. Efficiently manage multiple brands under a single umbrella with TYPO3.

TYPO3 solves use cases for many kinds of organizations

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