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Extend TYPO3 by using Verified Extensions & Integrations

Extensions have helped make TYPO3 as successful as it is today over the last 20 years by offering the possibility to expand your system individually for your personal requirements. With Verified Extensions & Integrations providers offer an additional promise in terms of quality, maintenance, and further development of their solutions. 

What are Verified Extensions & Integrations?

The creators and partners of verified extensions and integrations are committed to enhancing technical quality through improved documentation and ensuring reliable service and maintenance. When embarking on a project, you can confidently rely on these verified extensions to provide consistent security and support. Verified Extensions align with the TYPO3 core in terms of release and maintenance schedules.

Explore all official Verified TYPO3 Extensions

Discover the Verified TYPO3 Extensions that can empower you to deliver a compelling digital experience to your end-users.

Headless TYPO3 extension

This extension provides way to output content from TYPO3 in JSON format.

Extension Type: Frontend
Extension Category: Headless
License: Free
Support for: TYPO3 v11, v10


A GDPR tracking consent popup. It asks for approval to include tracking objects (cookies, images or any HTML) and includes the objects when consented.

Extension Type: Frontend
Extension Category: Consent Management
License: Free
Support for: TYPO3 v11, v10


Add flexible in-page structures with a simple extension—the core way.

Extension Type: Backend
Extension Category: Content Structure
License: Free
Support for: TYPO3 v11, v10

Hundreds of additional extensions available

As a community product, TYPO3 has always been supported by numerous extension authors who want to give their solutions back to the TYPO3 world. Thanks to the power of open source hundreds of further extensions are available for the latest LTS versions.

Find additional extensions and integrations for TYPO3

Explore all official Verified TYPO3 Integrations

Discover the Verified TYPO3 Integrations that help you to easily integrate your tools and services of choice including CRMs, marketing automation, translation providers, digital asset management, and more.


Hcaptcha is a privacy-friendly captcha solution for spam-protecting TYPO3 forms while protecting your users' privacy.

Integration Type: Frontend
Integration Category: Formhandling
License: Free
Support for: TYPO3 v11


CELUM:connect allows the selection of images and other media objects directly from the CELUM ContentHub. You can directly connect to selected CELUM nodes through TYPO3 FAL, which then become immediately available in TYPO3. The connection to the TYPO3 system takes place through a download into the TYPO3 file system.

Integration Type: Backend
Integration Category: Media
License: Commercial
Support for: TYPO3 v11
Contact Person: David von Ah
Partner Company: brix IT Solutions GmbH

Varnish for TYPO3

Seamless integration of TYPO3 cached pages into Varnish. Blazing fast response times for loads of simultaneous visitors.

Integration Type: Frontend
Integration Category: Caching / Indexing
License: Free
Support for: TYPO3 v11, v10

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Relying on the marketing software, sales platforms, and social media tools you know and love makes your job easier. TYPO3 makes it simple to partner with brands you trust to incorporate essential processes and tech. Integrate digital asset management, e-commerce, translation services, marketing automation, analytics, and more seamlessly into your TYPO3 project. The right digital marketing solutions can add even more functionality to TYPO3’s already strong core. 

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