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Feature-rich package for Universities and Colleges

The TYPO3 Higher Education Package is a dynamic product. That means that it’s continuously being developed to provide new, advanced features that you can use immediately - and after a one-time investment you reap the benefits throughout the whole contract period.

Powerful features to start immediately

  • various page templates
  • various navigation elements
  • microsites for institutes, faculties, etc.
  • search function
  • news
  • dates
  • user administration, connectivity to LDAP and Shibboleth
  • register of persons
  • overview of study programs
  • multi-language support
  • internal areas (intranet)
  • central connection to HIS (in cooperation with HiS eG)


In contrast to other content management systems (CMS), adjusting settings - e.g. logo, colors or fonts - is easy to do without any programming knowledge whatsoever and without having to change templates or SCSS files.

In addition, you can use your own design templates for implementing e.g. a different menu navigation or page layouts. Furthermore, you can integrate your own extensions to provide as many and as varied specific functions you need.

Living Style Guide

Want to change a button? Customize colors? Try out font sizes? No problem. The package comes with a style guide and changing visuals can be done anytime, by anyone, without any programming knowledge whatsoever. Want a unique and distinctive look? No problem. The style guide provides guidance as to which elements generally need to be created and how to embed them.

Comprehensive Documentation

A highly detailed documentation for editors, administrators and developers is provided with this bundle. It supports in using the package and enables the customization of templates or adding functions without having to search. The documentation is supplemented by an extensive living style guide for the individual applications. This is unique for a CMS!

Guidelines for Editors

The implemented properties are designed to guide editors through their work. Templates/page templates, content and navigation elements offer as much flexibility as necessary, while maintaining a consistent design throughout the website.

Amongst others, this includes using fixed page templates and narrowing down the options for displaying content elements.

Full Scalability

The basic package can be updated and customized. It already includes important extensions and the further development thereof. Future changes will not be made in the package itself, but in an additional package. The documentation includes examples of adaptation (best practises) to assist in integrating the updates as easily and smoothly as possible.

In addition, TYPO3 allows for a modular expansion of the range of functions in that you can add functional calendars, tools for providing media and communication platforms and much, much more. These extensions are available for free in the TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER).

Operational reliability is guaranteed, even in situations with a large increase in the number of websites and content, or when high levels of traffic are generated. In addition, systems like SAP, HIS, FACT, or SharePoint can be integrated via an API.

Multi-language Support for Frontend and Backend

Today, the education market is a global marketplace and having a multilingual site lays a sound foundation for success. TYPO3 comes with built-in, essential functions for creating and delivering multilingual websites with easy to use features for displaying content in different languages in the frontend, as well as handling the backend in numerous languages with features like side-by-side content translation.


The current accessibility requirements are met to ensure access to all potential users.

Professional Long Term Support

The TYPO3 Higher Education Package is a sound basis for your website to run stably in the long run and it comes with a maintenance coverage for five years. This way you are provided with best of two worlds: the TYPO3 Long Term Support (LTS) as well as the maintenance and safeguarding of the TYPO3 Higher Education Package including all of the delivered extensions.

Easy Deployment

University and college websites running on the TYPO3 Higher Education Package need little maintenance and technical support. The choice is yours to host TYPO3 in your own data center or with an external hoster. Access to the TYPO3 Higher Education Package includes access to all of the product extensions that are added month by month.

Best Possible Security

The TYPO3 Higher Education Package provides the best possible protection from third-party attacks to the system. Security updates are provided promptly and at regular intervals, often following up on feedback from the TYPO3 Community and in close cooperation with the TYPO3 Security Team.


Launching your projects promptly and in high quality. The TYPO3 Higher Education Package allows you to easily place, edit and distribute any kind of content, of any size.


Your investments are kept to a minimum. The TYPO3 Higher Education Package reduces time spent on conceptual and development work and lowers the overall financial footprint of the entire project.


The TYPO3 Higher Education Package offers a full range of options for customization, be it designing the layout, expanding the system or further developing the website.