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Leading CMS

The centerpiece of this package is the easy-to-use and intuitively usable content management system (CMS) TYPO3. Its features are particularly beneficial to those in the field of higher education.

Advantages of TYPO3:

  • leading content management system for complex websites of universities and colleges
  • open source means there are no license fees for the CMS, the platform or its extensions
  • multi-language support is a core function
  • modular expansion of functionality through extensions is possible
  • integration of complex interfaces like SAP, HIS, FACT and SharePoint is possible
  • helpful exchange of experience in work groups and communities
  • comprehensive documentation, tutorials and training opportunities

Practical Handling

Due to its logical structure, the TYPO3 Higher Education Package is easy and convenient to handle. Projects can not only be done easily and quickly, they convince due to being visually impressive and having a striking structure.

Multi-language Support for Frontend and Backend

With students from around the world, prospective students, and global partners, delivering a website in many languages is a must-have. TYPO3 provides this multi-language support as a core feature.

Easy to Use and Maintain

Within just a few hours editors can learn to use TYPO3 for their day-to-day work. Tutorials, documentation and trainings turn every occasional user into a confident editor.

Effective Support in Projects

A team of web administrators provides support, offers training and creates informational material and tutorials tailored to the needs of TYPO3 editors.

Furthermore, the TYPO3 Higher Education Package comes with an extensive documentation that can be accessed at any time.


Your website is easily and quickly installed. The TYPO3 Higher Education Package forms an “outer shell” around the “core” of TYPO3. This way, you benefit from all of TYPO3’s functionalities and receive preconfigured features designed to meet the requirements of universities and colleges.


Your investments are kept to a minimum. The TYPO3 Higher Education Package reduces time spent on conceptual and development work and lowers the overall financial footprint of the entire project.


The TYPO3 Higher Education Package offers a full range of options for customization, be it designing the layout, expanding the system or further developing the website.