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Independent. Reliable. Up-to-date.

 You benefit directly from the knowledge of new features and can serve any university or college well in terms of quality.

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Independence in Designing

Universities and other higher education institutes opting for the TYPO3 Higher Education Package remain completely independent in designing their website. Of course users can choose their own design templates to e.g. have a menu guidance of their own choice or different page layouts. In addition, extensions can be integrated to implement specific functions.

Language Independence

The process of globalization has changed the demands of the marketplace of education. A web presence must be able to serve a global audience in many languages. TYPO3 has multi-language support integrated as a core functionality, which includes a language selector in the frontend and the backend.

The TYPO3 Higher Education Package is available worldwide to all universities and colleges. It is the ideal solution for creating higher education websites in more than 40 languages.

Choose Your Own Service Provider

Designing and further developing the underlying distribution can be done either by the university itself or by contracting any service provider on the market. As many web agencies are specialized in TYPO3 development, customers don’t get locked into the technology of a particular supplier.

Purchasing the TYPO3 Higher Education Package entitles its holder to voting power. Once a month they can vote which new features they would like to see completed first. Of course, this also applies to you as a service provider.

Economic Independence

The TYPO3 Higher Education Package is based on open source software, which gives operational independence from commercial vendors of proprietary based solutions on a long-term basis. The maintenance guarantee covers at least five years giving users independence in regards to economics as well as business.

Attractive Conditions and Opportunities for Facilitators and Business Partners


Your website is easily and quickly installed. The TYPO3 Higher Education Package forms an “outer shell” around the “core” of TYPO3. This way, you benefit from all of TYPO3’s functionalities and receive preconfigured features designed to meet the requirements of universities and colleges.


Launching your projects promptly and in high quality. The TYPO3 Higher Education Package allows you to easily place, edit and distribute any kind of content, of any size.


Your investments are kept to a minimum. The TYPO3 Higher Education Package reduces time spent on conceptual and development work and lowers the overall financial footprint of the entire project.