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Open-source CMS for News, Media, and Publishing

Welcome to TYPO3 CMS, the industry's fastest, most scalable, and most secure open-source content management system. In a highly competitive news, media, and publishing industry, real-time content distribution is essential. With TYPO3 CMS for news, media, and publishing businesses can optimize their content production, content funnel management, and effectively scale on the industry's most high-performing multisite CMS. Engage global audiences with high-quality, accurate webpage localization and utilize the numerous third-party integrations TYPO3 supports, to deliver content across all channels faster than ever. All on a secure content marketing system with a robust security infastructure to ensure your business can thrive. 


Supercharge your newsroom with these features

Multisite and Multilingual

News and media organizations require scalable solutions. The TYPO3 multisite function allows media organizations to quickly scale their operations by managing multiple websites through a common backend. 

The multilingual feature delivers high-quality, accurate localization of webpages, allowing media enterprises to engage new audiences across the globe.

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Enjoy seamless collaboration with your entire team with TYPO3 Workspaces. From individual workflows to custom access rights, we provide all the capabilities required for high-performing media organizations.

TYPO3 CMS offers extensive customization options regarding user rights and access, meaning responsibility can be delegated easily and effectively.

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Smart Content Management

Deliver engaging, accessible content for all devices, channels, and users while managing large volumes of content and digital assets. The TYPO3 smart content management function allows for automatic publishing, de-publishing, delivering complete control over your content creation needs.

Engage your audiences faster than ever with the TYPO3 CMS for news, media, and publishing organizations.

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Seamless Integrations

Be sure that your team can deliver content across through all internal tools and across all external channels.

TYPO3 integrations allow for seamless content delivery to a multitude of third party tools, including marketing automation suites to digital asset management tools, and media optimization platforms. Learn how our CMS for news and media organization connects businesses to a range of digital solutions. 

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Content Funnel Management

Manage content on the TYPO3 backend and distribute it quickly and effectively through your company’s existing websites with our content funnel management feature. Save time switching between different systems and manage content funnels more efficiently than ever. TYPO3 provides users the freedom and flexibility of open-source, offering customizable content funnels for any organization’s needs.

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Scalable and Secure

Deliver content to your audience faster with high-speed content delivery, providing news and media clients faster page load times thanks to advanced page caching and scalable system architecture. 

Ensure your business is protected with TYPO3 and its best-in-class security features. From encryption to authentication, and role-based permissions.

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Partner Agencies

TYPO3 Partners with proven experience supporting news, media, and publishing organizations

We work with over fourty partners, all of whom offer a range of skills and expertise to empower your business to succeed. 


TYPO3 Partner Agencies

Case Studies

Newsrooms and publishing houses around the world are using TYPO3 to elevate their operations

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