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A Global Force Celebrating 25 Years of Innovation

TYPO3 CMS has remained at the forefront of digital innovation, never fading from the global stage. Celebrating a milestone of 25 years in 2023, TYPO3 has been the backbone for websites across continents, exemplifying the power and versatility of this open-source platform. From the ambitious project of launching over 250 government websites in Rwanda during 2019, to fostering meaningful relationships in Papua New Guinea, TYPO3 has made significant impacts far beyond its technical capabilities.

TYPO3’s reach now spans to agencies beyond its roots in Europe and across the globe all the way to New Zealand, demonstrating its universal appeal and the vibrant community that drives its evolution. By continuously evolving a platform that adapts to the needs of our global community, we unlock boundless opportunities for users everywhere.


Facts & Figures


A robust, scalable platform built on PHP for diverse web development needs.

Open Source CMS

A community-driven, modifiable platform for collaborative enhancements.

6 Years of Support

The market's longest support cycle, offering up to 6 years of stability and security.

Most Popular CMS in German Government

The top choice for 30 % of German government institutions online.

TYPO3 Success Stories

Global Impact Through Prestigious Projects

TYPO3 has been at the heart of several major international projects, demonstrating the platform's versatility and global reach. Among these, the Multilingual Online Resource Centre by Women for Women France, developed by French Agency Talan Solutions, stands out as a critical resource for victims of domestic abuse. This project's significance and impact were recognized with the Website of the Year Award, highlighting the transformative power of TYPO3 in addressing crucial social issues.

In another significant achievement, the official website of the French Senate, created by GAYA manufacture digitale, exemplifies TYPO3's capability to manage large, multilingual sites with complex requirements. This project's excellence in serving the upper house of the French Parliament did not go unnoticed, earning the Best Government Website Award.

Further emphasizing TYPO3's commitment to sustainability and innovation, TypoConsult A/S's offers a groundbreaking service that assesses websites for their carbon footprint and suggests improvements towards greener practices. This TYPO3-based initiative won the Campaign category, showcasing the platform's role in promoting environmental consciousness in digital spaces.

TYPO3 Case Studies

Gemeente Utrecht
Rotkäppchen-Mumm Sektkellereien
Sysmex Europe

The Community Behind TYPO3

TYPO3 thrives as an open-source CMS thanks to the dedication and expertise of its vibrant community. With over 14,000 registered members on, our ecosystem includes a diverse mix of 1,000 TYPO3 Association members—ranging from individual community enthusiasts to agencies and institutions of various sizes. Additionally, our network has expanded to embrace more than 30 new partners of TYPO3 GmbH, alongside a significant number of contributors who play a pivotal role in our ongoing development.

This community doesn't just build TYPO3; it enhances and contributes to PHP Standard Recommendations (PSRs), ensuring that PHP developers find TYPO3 an accessible and familiar platform. Our collaborative effort underscores the commitment to continuous improvement, making TYPO3 a dynamic and inclusive environment for all.

Official training courses led by TYPO3 professionals

If you're interested in the newest advancements within the TYPO3 ecosystem or if you're beginning your TYPO3 adventure, our guided training sessions are designed to elevate your TYPO3 expertise to the next level – also in the UK.

TYPO3 Certifications

As a leading force in the CMS landscape, mastering TYPO3 is essential for the success of your projects. Advance your TYPO3 proficiency with our internationally acknowledged certifications. Confirm your skills, enhance your professional growth, and equip your team for triumph.

TYPO3 Association Co-Founds the Open Website Alliance

The international community organizations behind Drupal, Joomla, TYPO3, and WordPress join forces in a leadership-level alliance. Their message to decision-makers: Always choose open source software over proprietary systems.

Get Smarter for the Future at T3DD24!

1-3 August 2024 in Karlsruhe, Germany

Imagine a place where the future of technology is not just discussed but created, where every conversation and workshop is a stepping stone towards innovation. The TYPO3 Developer Days is the event of the year for developers, taking place once again in Karlsruhe in 2024. It's more than just a conference; it's a collaborative space to learn, share, and network with peers over three days packed with sessions on the latest trends in TYPO3 development, from extension crafting to AI innovation.

Join us at the DevDays to contribute to the future of web development under the exciting theme of "Future & Innovation."

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