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Collaborative and Locally-Led Government Website Standardization

From the ambitious project of launching over 250 government websites in Rwanda during 2019, to fostering meaningful relationships in Papua New Guinea, TYPO3 has made significant impacts far beyond its technical capabilities. 

By thinking of the TYPO3 project as a civil-society initiative, we have arrived at a novel way of development cooperation around digital infrastructure that lowers barriers to knowledge building and that is both non-exploitative and anti-colonial.

TYPO3’s reach now spans to agencies beyond its roots in Europe and across the globe all the way to New Zealand, demonstrating its universal appeal and the vibrant community that drives its evolution. We have formalized the concept in the four pillars 
of a Government Websites Model.

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Facts & Figures

Multisite and Multilingual

Supports any number of websites and languages within a single installation.

Open Source Enterprise CMS

Flexibility, extensibility, and innovation velocity with industry-standard security practices.

7 Years of Support

The market's longest support cycle, offering up to 7 years of stability and security.

Government Site Builder based on TYPO3

Already the top choice for 30 % of German government institutions online.

TYPO3 Success Stories

Global Impact Through Prestigious Projects

TYPO3 has played a pivotal role in advancing Rwanda's digital landscape through a variety of impactful projects. Notably, the development of responsive and functional websites for several Rwandan institutions stands out as a cornerstone of this initiative. These platforms have dramatically improved the accessibility and effectiveness of both governmental and non-governmental services. Additionally, the focus on training local developers to enhance their expertise in TYPO3 has established a sustainable model for ongoing digital innovation in Rwanda.

In another significant achievement, the official website of the French Senate, created by GAYA manufacture digitale, exemplifies TYPO3's capability to manage large, multilingual sites with complex requirements. This project's excellence in serving the upper house of the French Parliament did not go unnoticed, earning the Best Government Website Award.

TYPO3 effectively addresses the digital needs of federal ministries, such as the German health ministry, by offering a scalable content management system. It automates content updates across numerous web pages and enhances website performance and accessibility, crucial for ministries experiencing high visitor traffic. This makes it a valuable tool for ministries aiming to maintain a strong and responsive online presence.

Get Smarter for the Future at T3DD24!

1-3 August 2024 in Karlsruhe, Germany

Imagine a place where the future of technology is not just discussed but created, where every conversation and workshop is a stepping stone towards innovation. The TYPO3 Developer Days, occurring in Karlsruhe in 2024, offer an essential platform for both public and private sectors to delve into best practices and explore the CMS in-depth. This event is the pinnacle of the year for developers, providing a collaborative space over three days to learn, share, and network with peers. Engage in sessions ranging from extension crafting to AI innovation, shaping the future of TYPO3 development.

Join us at the DevDays to contribute to the future of web development under the exciting theme of "Future & Innovation."

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