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The Power of TYPO3: GSB 11's Foundation for Success

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, the introduction of the new Government Site Builder, GSB 11, due in 2024 marks a milestone: GSB 11 will run on TYPO3. These transformative changes will take place in Germany and will impact ministries, municipal, and communal authorities. This strategic shift responds to the urgency presented by the impending support expiration for GSB version 10 in 2025, underscoring the critical importance of choosing an open-source solution, setting the stage for a more adaptable, efficient, and secure future.

A Thriving Community: TYPO3's Key Advantage for GSB 11 Transition

The new Government Site Builder version brings about significant changes by adopting TYPO3 as its core framework, a choice that ITZBund supports due to its reliability and flexibility. TYPO3 is not just any content management system. What sets TYPO3 apart is its thriving open-source community, offering a dynamic ecosystem where users collaborate, share knowledge, and drive innovation. Leveraging TYPO3's widespread adoption in the federal administration, transitioning to GSB 11 becomes seamless, accelerating the familiarization process and ensuring a seamless migration journey.

Embracing GSB 11 and TYPO3: A Strategic Imperative for Government Authorities

As government authorities navigate the digital frontier, the decision to embrace GSB 11 and TYPO3 isn't merely a choice – it's a strategic imperative. It positions these institutions on the cutting edge of technology while safeguarding their digital presence against future uncertainties.

Brands that trust and keep data secure with TYPO3

TYPO3: A Trusted Choice for Government Authorities

TYPO3 has emerged as the trusted choice for government authorities worldwide. Many government entities, from local municipalities to national agencies, have already adopted TYPO3 as their preferred content management system. The reason behind this widespread adoption is TYPO3's unwavering reliability and sustainability, particularly suited for government websites.

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Ensuring Dependability

Reliability is paramount for government authorities when it comes to disseminating critical information to the public. TYPO3 ensures that information remains available and up-to-date through its predictable release cycles. This commitment to timeliness, combined with adherence to data privacy and compliance standards, makes TYPO3 a dependable platform for government organizations. Furthermore, TYPO3 offers multisite functionality, allowing consistent information delivery across various sites and platforms. 

Prioritizing Security

In addition to reliability, TYPO3 places a strong emphasis on security. Government websites must inspire trust, and TYPO3 achieves this by safeguarding sensitive data, providing granular user access permissions, and adhering to built-in privacy and security standards. Its self-service tools simplify citizen interactions, enabling them to access government services efficiently. With TYPO3, government authorities can effectively manage complex interactions, ensure compliance with regulations, and foster citizen engagement.

Solutions for Unique Challenges

Moreover, TYPO3 understands the unique challenges faced by government organizations, such as data privacy compliance and unpredictable funding. It offers long-term and extended support for its feature-rich core, allowing government agencies to update their websites securely at their own pace. TYPO3's adaptability and sustainability make it the ideal choice for government authorities seeking a reliable, secure, and enduring solution for their digital presence.

The Future of Government Site Building: GSB 11

The Government Site Builder project is undergoing a significant transformation with the release of GSB 11. Scheduled for rollout in early 2024, this latest iteration of Government Site Builder marks a pivotal moment in government site development and management. This next iteration of the GSB initiative is a key component of the German Federal Ministry of the Interior and for Homeland (BMI)'s Service Consolidation for the Federal Government (DKB) program.

The Government Site Builder 11 represents a strategic shift in the German government's approach to web content management. It builds upon the learnings of GSB 10, which marked the transition to an open-source framework, and now, with GSB 11, the project takes another leap forward by adopting the renowned open-source CMS TYPO3. This choice brings several notable advantages to government site developers.

Strategic advantages for public authorities thanks to TYPO3

Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

TYPO3 is designed for professional, accessible, secure, stable, and scalable use, benefiting from an active open-source community in German-speaking countries. The use of TYPO3 comes at no cost for federal authorities, aligning with the government's goal of efficiency and cost savings.

Seamless Transition

The widespread use of the GSB (19%), and predominantly TYPO3 within the federal administration, ensures a smooth transition to GSB 11 and rapid onboarding for government teams. This simplicity of migration, coupled with standardized interfaces for application integration, streamlines government site development.

Long-Term Stability

GSB 11 comes with a Long Term Support commitment spanning three years, guaranteeing stability and reliability, which perfectly aligns with the government's need for dependable digital services.

Collaboration and Tender Support

Collaborative Unions: TYPO3 Agencies Join Forces for Tender Success

In response to the tender call in August 2023, TYPO3 agencies have come together in collaborative unions, rather than competing against each other, to effectively address the tender specifications. This collaborative approach emphasizes the importance of unity and cooperation among agencies to deliver successful solutions that meet the project's requirements and objectives. Instead of working in isolation, agencies are forming alliances to pool their expertise and resources, ensuring a more comprehensive and well-rounded response to the tender.

TYPO3 Official Supported Project

The TYPO3 Project has demonstrated its commitment to facilitating the success of these collaborative ventures. Through its new partner program, TYPO3 GmbH offers agencies the opportunity to receive official support for their projects. The project support serves to avoid significant splits between the project requirements and the TYPO3 Core. TYPO3 GmbH is dedicated to the success of collaborative projects within government institutions, and this dedication is demonstrated by its willingness to provide services, confirm project participation, and support consortiums of TYPO3 partner agencies.

Community-Centric Support: Ensuring Mutual Benefits in TYPO3 Collaborations

By offering this support and actively engaging with TYPO3 partner agencies, TYPO3 GmbH aims to ensure that the results of these collaborative endeavors benefit not only the agencies involved but also the broader TYPO3 community. This approach not only enhances the quality of TYPO3 solutions but also prevents any divergence in product development.

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How to Benefit from a TYPO3 Partnership

Take the Next Step Toward Sustainable Government Websites

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Government authorities that trust in TYPO3

Here, you can find a selection of German ministries, cities, municipalities, and organizations that already use TYPO3.

Statistics on the Usage of TYPO3 and GSB (CMS census)

TYPO3 Empowers Digital Sovereignty in Governments

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