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TYPO3 Awards: NITSAN shares the positive impact of winning

Thanks to Jam from OSP for sharing!

We spoke with the NITSAN team right after they received the award for best Finance / Logistics TYPO3 website at the TYPO3 Awards 2018. Since the TYPO3 Awards Submissions are now officially open, this is a great time to look back at what this event means for the community and the leadership in busy TYPO3 agencies.

At the TYPO3 Conference 2018 in Berlin, I had the pleasure of speaking with the sole delegates from India, the Founding Directors of NITSAN Technologies, Nitin Chauhan (CEO) and Sanjay Chauhan (CTO). NITSAN is an India-based TYPO3 Full Service Agency with the majority of their business focused on providing TYPO3 CMS solutions for European clients.

Nitin and Sanjay took home the 2018 TYPO3 Award for the best Finance / Logistic TYPO3 website for their client PaySafe (in cooperation with Koenig Digital).

The Awards—and their elegant dinner gala—are a great way to cap off the conference. They provide peer-to-peer recognition and celebrate agencies and industry leaders in the TYPO3 community who have demonstrated excellence. All of this highlights how agency leaders can get together to share best practices, motivate and inspire others, and be inspired at this event.

Join us at the TYPO3 Awards Gala

The TYPO3 Awards Gala on 17 October is a time to celebrate together and showcase success for the community. Whether you come along to watch the show and rub shoulders with community of TYPO3 and digital professionals, or you’re biting your nails because you’re in with a chance of winning an award – the Awards Gala is a fun and informal atmosphere to extend your network and exchange knowledge with the best of the best in the world of digital.

How would you describe the TYPO3 conference?

“It is a great chance to connect with the TYPO3 agency community,” Nitin enthuses, “These guys are doing an excellent job. We have had a good time here, learning, networking, and meeting lots of great people. It’s good for personal marketing as well as marketing your company. Anyone who is trying to grow as a TYPO3 agency needs to attend a conference like this.” 

Sanjay adds, “And the TYPO3 community is great. I have experienced many communities, but never seen such friendliness, support, and unity.” He went on to say, “The TYPO3 Core Team work very hard and have such great dedication to the product to make sure the quality is always at the highest level. And of course, TYPO3 Association Members are great. These are the people who are always inspiring us.” 

How does TYPO3 help you deliver value to your clients?

Nitin explains, “Sometimes the client comes with an idea, with no clear solution or platform in mind. We usually suggest that TYPO3 is going to be the best solution. It holds all the must-have functionality and features required by an enterprise system, along with the latest security and technology standards. If you want a secure and scalable solution, then TYPO3 is the one for you.”

Sanjay adds, “We have many customers who have been disappointed with other technologies, and when we suggest TYPO3, they want to try it. Then they see the cool backend, the inbuilt multi-language feature, the multi-domain capabilities, and that it’s very cost-effective. And they really love it, and we get more business because of it.”

Nitin lists the most important features, in his mind, of TYPO3 CMS as:

  • Flexibility
  • Backend usability
  • Security

“Developers and integrators, it’s just heaven,” enthuses Sanjay. If you have a little expertise, you can do a lot of things.” From a business perspective, this means you can deliver results to your customers faster because the TYPO3 backend makes it easy for developers to code solutions quickly.

TYPO3 is popular in Europe, but less well known in Asia. What opportunities are there outside of Europe?

Nitin is very confident that TYPO3 CMS has a lot of potential to expand out of its traditional stronghold in Europe. “There’s a huge market in Asian countries—especially India. TYPO3 can easily grow there.” The time is ripe. Sanjay floats the idea that Europe doesn’t need so many more websites, “I’m not saying it’s going to die. But the European market is mostly stable. And Asian countries are only just now beginning to realize that websites are critical. So you can imagine the market share and how the larger corporations are looking for the best solution. So this is a great time.”

At the time I spoke to Nitin and Sanjay in 2018, they were working with other members of the TYPO3 project to organize an event to promote TYPO3 to the Asian market. The outcome of these talks was the first (very successful!) Team Sprint held in Bhavnagar in March 2019. 

Congratulations on your win at the TYPO3 Awards!

“Thank you. We won the award in the Finance / Logistic category for our client PaySafe. They are a great client, and we worked together as a good team.” I did notice that there was a huge cheer when you won your award last night. “Last night was an amazing moment for us,” says Sanjay. Nitin agrees, “Last night was full of joy. It shows that hard work always pays off.”

Go for it!

The TYPO3 Awards Submissions are officially open! Find out the categories this year and the selection criteria. This year, the panel will include a Jury of digital industry specialists who will review your submissions and offer feedback, and choose the best websites in each category.

How to make a nomination

Making a nomination is easy and we’ll walk you through the process with our nominations system. Whether your work for an agency, are a freelancer or even a hobbyist, we have a wide range of categories that reflect the versatility of TYPO3 CMS. The submission deadline is Monday, 30 September 2019, 23:59 GMT +2.


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