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TYPO3 Conference 2018 - Award Winners

We’re delighted to share the winners of the TYPO3 Award 2018 announced at the 13th annual TYPO3 Conference in Berlin on October 30th!

Thank you to everyone who attended the TYPO3 Conference 2018 Awards Ceremony. With 46 nominations across 15 categories, we saw the best of the best in forward-thinking design and content management from the professional TYPO3 CMS Community.

This award provides peer recognition for industry leaders in the TYPO3 community. The awards celebrate TYPO3 agencies who achieved success, forged new paths, and demonstrated excellence in the community. Public recognition of this work will motivate and inspire others.

Check out all the 2018 Award Winners!

Rewarding great work!

At the award ceremony in the sumptuous, historical Admiralspalast theater in Berlin, people who work hard all year got a chance to celebrate their success. It was inspiring to see and celebrate some of the great work produced by TYPO3 agencies.

A panel of community experts reviewed the submissions to discover great websites, challenging implementations, and impressive designs. Different categories such as education, e-commerce, and tourism provided agencies to display their expertise and vertical specialties.

Special thanks and congratulations to NITSAN Technologies Pvt. Ltd. who won the TYPO3 Award for the best Finance / Logistic TYPO3 website for their cooperation with Koenig Digital on the Paysafe website. Audience favorites, NITSAN CEO Nitin Chauhan and CTO Sanjay Chauhan, flew in from India to attend T3CON and received enthusiastic applause for their achievement.

Community pillar Jochen Weiland received the TYPO3 Association President’s Award for Community Contribution to massive celebration from the audience for his many years of tireless, generous work for the community. From all of us, thank you Jochen, for giving back and paying forward all these years.

Join us next year!

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