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SUPR Shop Integration for TYPO3 CMS

Are you looking to boost sales by selling products via your TYPO3 website? Do you need a technical solution that relates to the size of your business? Though Magento is a truly strong industry leader, an online shop of this size does not suit all companies and purposes. If you want to implement a means of selling a few products without messing around too much with techie stuff, then we have good news for you. Welcome, to the world of SUPR, a technical solution provided by Wirecard Technologies GmbH. Part of their slogan? E-commerce everywhere!

Online Stores & Shopping Widgets

Picking the right e-commerce platform is just as important as the products you sell. SUPR provides easy to set up online stores, shopping widgets for embedding and social checkouts for selling on social media - all with a central management of products and orders. The SUPR solution can now be seamlessly integrated into TYPO3 websites. All it takes is the corresponding SUPR extension, which is available through both the TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER) and composer. And the right configuration, of course.

Installation of SUPR in TYPO3

The implementation for users setting up a basic shopping cart on a TYPO3 website or adding shopping widgets is pretty straightforward:

Via Extension Manager / TER in the TYPO3 Backend

  1. Go the module extension manager, select "Get Extensions" at the top of the page and enter “supr” into the search field.

  2. Click the button "Import and Install".

  3. Activate the SUPR extension.

Via Composer

  1. Type 'composer require supr/supr' into the terminal.

  2. Activate the SUPR extension via the extension manager in the TYPO3 backend.

Configuration of SUPR in TYPO3

After installing the extension, configure it.

  1. Switch to the extension configuration section in the settings module and find the extension.

  2. Enter the credentials of your account from the SUPR management tool (you get these by signing up on SUPR). With these credentials, the extension will authenticate with the API provided by SUPR and fetch all of the configured widgets.

  3. With the available frontend plugin, all of the widgets you configured in SUPR are ready to be displayed in the frontend.

That’s it! Now all of the configured products are at your disposal.

This strategic partnership allows TYPO3 website owners to take advantage of the potent e-commerce tool SUPR to achieve success and remain competitive.

What is the TYPO3 GmbH Industry Partner Program?

The main scope of the TYPO3 GmbH Industry Partner Program is to offer convenience to customers by implementing professional, vendor maintained integrations into TYPO3. Every TYPO3 Industry Partner contributes their services and products to enhance TYPO3 for market segments by adding a specific functionality to TYPO3. The integration itself is free of charge for an unlimited period of time. Customers benefit from the ease of use, partners benefit from gaining exposure and reputation. Accessing additional features related to the extension can come with a price tag. For instance, with SUPR, you get the basic shop for free and can start right away. Wirecard Technologies GmbH also offers three SUPR packages with advanced features, which are paid services.


TYPO3 aims to have more official integrations by Industry Partners to strengthen both TYPO3 as well as the industry partner’s reputation within the CMS market. The SUPR extension is the latest addition to the TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER) and provides a potent e-commerce solution.


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