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RIPS Technologies - Code Analysis Partner for TYPO3

About the partnership

It’s with great pleasure that TYPO3 CMS can announce the partnership with RIPS Technologies. From now on, TYPO3 will be using the RIPS code analysis tool to detect security vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the open source software code. For both parties this partnership is a great step forward: While TYPO3 is looking to provide an even more secure software in the future, RIPS Technologies is supporting another open source organization with their code analysis services. Other prominent customers of RIPS Technologies include amongst others Magento, Joomla, Flyeralarm, and Nextcloud.

Security - becoming more and more essential - is a vital part of any application. As an open source software solution, TYPO3 CMS has thousands of people voluntarily contributing to its flawless functioning every day. Such a large number of people chipping in to the big picture surely is a great thing, however, the tracking of possible security bugs becomes a challenge. The partnership with RIPS Technologies enables the TYPO3 Project to add a strong layer of security testing to its tremendous codebase.

Read more about the partnership in RIPS' article here.

About RIPS Technologies

As a high-tech company, RIPS Technologies takes up the cause of helping other companies find security flaws in their source code. Their automated security analysis for applications makes them an international leader in this business field. Specific algorithms in their tool are designed to process any programming language, making it possible to detect even complex vulnerabilities. RIPS is also able to automatically fix potentially vulnerable code and integrates the new one into the software development process. If you’re looking to prevent cyber attacks and data breaches, which will eventually lead to a reputational and financial damage, you’re well-advised to opt for RIPS’ innovative tool.

About TYPO3

TYPO3 is an enterprise-ready content management system (CMS) used to build and maintain powerful websites and applications. Its open-source character makes it available to everyone who is looking for a multilingual, flexible, and mobile-friendly solution. Backed by the official TYPO3 Association, a vibrant community with thousands of devoted developers, marketers, and consultants as well as the TYPO3 GmbH, the whole project is made up of a multi-layered ecosystem. Furthermore, various publicly available extensions can be used to customize TYPO3 to one’s personal needs. In addition, Extended Long Term Support options are also available as an attractive add-on to guarantee an up-to-date security level for different major versions.

TYPO3 is …

  • 100 % open source

  • self-hosted

  • reliable and state-of-the-art web technology

  • truly scalable according to business needs

  • mobile-friendly out of the box

  • multisite ready from the core

Read more about the partnership in RIPS' article here.


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