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Our App Store is Called TER - and It’s Free!

Don’t get trapped in software you can’t control. Instead, use open source software and systems that let you add functionality to the base installation. Choose a powerful open source content management system (CMS) like TYPO3 for flexibility and liberty. In this article, we’ll look at how the range of contributed extensions provides a digital tool belt that lets you add functionality just as you need it.

Use software that's developed with growth in mind

The right software can change everything when you’re building a website to meet changing needs. Adding common features and functionality for your website - like a blog, feedback forms, password areas, or an online shop - should be readily available and easy to handle. As your enterprise grows and your needs expand, you’ll want to add components to your site in full confidence that the result will be part of a smooth-working, integrated system.


TYPO3’s power as an enterprise development platform arises from this highly customizable architecture. Being open source software, you can look under the hood. Use TYPO3 to tailor websites to specific business needs and create personalized websites that perfectly meet requirements.

The TYPO3 core bundle of features include a great deal of functionality right out of the box. The core functionality can be expanded with PHP extensions that are added or removed as needed, making the possibilities truly endless.

Open source software that’s extendable is developed with growth in mind.

What is a TYPO3 extension?

Based on your business requirements, what do you need your website or web application to do? Maybe you need a blog, feedback forms, an online shop, speaking URLs, SEO, or a calendar? There are TYPO3 extensions for all this and lots more.

TYPO3 extensions are like tools in a tool belt. They come in a variety of forms for different purposes, each one adding extra functionality to the the core software. Other software makers may refer to them as modules, plugins, or add-ons.

Extensions make developing complex websites a whole lot easier. You can build websites and web applications in any way you wish, one piece at a time. And then start all over and build a different website using the same tool set.

Extensions are hooked (or removed) dynamically into TYPO3 core, adding specific functionality.

Why do extensions matter?

Extensions give you a wide range of power tools, provide space for incremental growth and are ideal for building complex solutions.

TYPO3 extensions:

  • Help keep the TYPO3 installation lean, unbloated, and performant while delivering everything it’s required to do.

  • Make it easy to add new functionality.

  • Enable third-party developers to create abilities which extend the CMS.

Expand, grow and thrive by adding functionality to your website as needed. 

Extensions let you tackle the challenge of building a complex website by breaking it down into smaller chunks and solving each of these in turn until the website does what you want. It’s a bit like assembling tools in your (digital) tool belt. 

Where to go for (free) TYPO3 extensions?

Extensions are created by individual developers or agencies in the TYPO3 community, many of whom make their code freely available. The TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER) on is a showcase of available extensions. Browse the collection, check the documentation of ones you find interesting, download what you need (for free) and install the extensions via the Extension Manager in your TYPO3 backend.

Tips on evaluating TYPO3 extensions

To make sure that you are making the right choice, take a look at your requirements, and consider the following factors in making your decision. All of the information you need to evaluate is easy to find on each extension pages.

  • What versions of TYPO3 does it support?

  • If it’s a new extension, is there a stable release?

  • When was the most recent release?

  • Is there documentation? There should be a link to an “Extension manual.”

  • How many installations are there? Find this info under “Downloads by version.”

Can’t find what you need in the TYPO3 Extension Repository? TYPO3 developers can create the functionality you need with custom extensions. Being open source software, TYPO3 comes with full access to the source code and unlimited customizability. Need to find a developer? We can help connect you through our partner network.

Choosing the right partner

Good business partners are critical to success. Our TYPO3 partner agencies and freelancers do remarkable work every day and there are plenty of qualified TYPO3 partners to choose from. Use the listings linked above to connect with one of the leading TYPO3 CMS website design businesses today. The companies and freelancers have been reviewed based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative statistics.

Conclusion: TYPO3 CMS meets requirements and more

TYPO3 CMS core is a powerful enterprise solution out of the box, use extensions to perfectly meet specific requirements. Head on over to the TYPO3 Extension Repository to browse all the helpful tools there. And get in touch with us if we can help you find the right TYPO3 partner for your web project.


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