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High-quality solutions for all

Powered by an enterprise open-source CMS, and backed by a vibrant professional community and a commercial ecosystem — TYPO3 helps organizations connect with customers through rich digital experiences

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Gain a digital advantage within your industry vertical

No matter your industry, you need a CMS that enables digital business and has you covered with security, compliance, performance, and scalability. Whether you’re dealing with complex supply chains in healthcare or manufacturing, or organizing a broader community through government or sports clubs, TYPO3 has a solution for you. Gain a digital leg up with TYPO3’s performant and feature-rich software offerings.  


Whatever you produce, you need a modern CMS to connect your business to today’s marketplace. TYPO3 CMS creates smart, digital spaces for manufacturers with multiple business lines, products, and customers.


Serve students, families, and educators the information they need to plan and improve their futures. The TYPO3 CMS helps you manage, organize, and deliver large volumes of content across complex institutions.

Tourism and Culture

Tourism and culture is a people business. TYPO3’s highly localizable CMS and analytics insights connect you with your ideal visitors. Simplify travel by attracting interested tourists in their own language.

TYPO3 helps specialists succeed

No successful teams are made of just one kind of person, so no CMS should be designed with only one specialization in mind. TYPO3 supports every team member in your organization with flexible, customizable features and workflows that closely align with their day-to-day tasks and long-term goals. Satisfy all your essential team members, from the decision-makers creating a five-year strategy to the developers, marketers, editors, and publishers that make it happen.

Modernize your marketing

As your business scales, you need a CMS that can maximize your efforts and minimize repetitive work. Leverage TYPO3’s reusable content templates, built-in SEO, and centralized asset management to get your campaigns off the ground quickly. Integrate with marketing software as needed, and reach greater audiences and customers with TYPO3.

Publishing workflows that actually work

Whether your content team is just you or hundreds of people, you need tools to take content from draft to professional quality. TYPO3 supports editors in their daily activities and includes clearcut interfaces for writing, editing, previewing, scheduling when content goes on and offline, and reusing templates and content models. Less time spent managing assets and re-creating content means more time to dazzle.

A stable base for growing businesses

The technology choices you make now have even larger ramifications for the future. As a decision maker for your organization, you need to choose a CMS that can scale with your needs in the long term. TYPO3's feature-rich, extensible core, security standards, and compliance features give your business a solid technical foundation in a professional ecosystem.

A solution for every scenario

TYPO3 is not only a powerful marketing and communication tool, it also takes care that the needs of growing organizations as well as enterprise needs are fulfilled. 

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What we offer

Digital Marketing Enabled

Digital shouldn't mean detached. Reach the right people with  SEO-friendly features, central brand management, and campaign microsites built-in. Extend it with integrations with your digital marketing systems.

Massively Multisite and Multilingual

TYPO3’s open source contributors reside around the world—just like your customers and your team TYPO3 offers features multi-site, multilingual, and distributed teams, with fine-grained user access management for centralized brands and locally-run sites.

Smart Content Management

Design structured content and move your pages from first draft to published through TYPO3’s intuitively designed workflows. Our CMS is flexible and structured, so you can finally create content ahead of schedule.

Secure Performant Scalable

TYPO3 delivers fast and secure web projects on any device. As your business scales, our CMS enables you to continue delivering rich, appealing content without sacrificing performance or security.

Universal Frontend User Experience

Connect with your customers through any channel or device. TYPO3’s decoupled architecture means you can reach your users wherever they are, be it through a website, a headless web service, or a mobile-first app.

Open Extensible Customizable

Our flexible core lets you add features as needed. Integrate with leading software companies and download any of our community-contributed extensions to move your web project forward.

Hear from satisfied Customers

Daniel Börlein - Editor-in-Chief Digital Media - 1. FC Nürnberg

TYPO3 offers many customizing options and ensures a secure and stable website at all times. The adjustable user rights are particularly valuable for everyday editorial work. The clear and above all uncomplicated handling are an enormous benefit for the work processes.

Mirelle Vink - Online Project Manager - DMG

By using TYPO3, our marketing department is very flexible in publishing promotions and important content. This is very important for a commercial organization like DMG.

Ryan Owens - Executive Director - Monadnock Conservancy

We couldn’t be happier with our new website, and we love the user-friendly yet powerful TYPO3 content management system.

Our Commercial Services

The TYPO3 GmbH is offering a wide range of commercial services for users and agencies to promise a secure and high quality user experience with TYPO3. 

Extended Support (ELTS)

ELTS gives your organization’s TYPO3 version an additional three years of official support.

Get up to three years of extended official support for your TYPO3 instance.

Professional Service Listing

Join our Professional Service Listing, a global network of TYPO3 freelancers, agencies, and hosters.

Learn more about its benefits, the Free Basic Listing entry and additional modules.


We offer exams and certifications to those who meet global TYPO3 standards.

Higher Education Package

Higher education institutions have complex needs. Learn about our highly supported, all-in-one…

Explore the official TYPO3 Higher Education Package for Universities.

Professional Service Listing

Are you looking for experts for your TYPO3 projects? The Professional Service Listing gives you the possibility to find TYPO3 specialists worldwide. Find a partner that fits your project’s size, industry, and market now!

Explore the Professional Service Listing!

Expand TYPO3’s open system with trusted integrations.

Relying on the marketing software, sales platforms, and social media tools you know and love makes your job easier. TYPO3 makes it simple to partner with brands you trust to incorporate essential processes and tech. Integrate digital asset management, e-commerce, translation services, marketing automation, analytics, and more seamlessly into your TYPO3 project. The right digital marketing partners can add even more functionality to TYPO3’s already strong core.

Explore marketing and sales integrations

Enhance your development and implementation foundation

Developers, DevOps teams, and project managers need access to the right processes and infrastructure to not only develop your web project, but keep it continuously performant and secure. Our development and implementation partners like DDEV, JetBrain, and Atlassian can help make complex development, maintenance, deployment, and operations tasks simpler. Reinforce your technical foundation and improve processes like sprint planning, feature requests, bug management, and performance evaluations. Handle both remote and local deployment with ease.

Check out our development and implementation partners

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February 2024: Developer Appreciation Day (DAD)

Each month, we take the opportunity to celebrate contributors in our Developer Appreciation Day post. Please take a moment to share gratitude for their continued passion, commitment, and time they give to making TYPO3 CMS awesome.

TYPO3 8.7.58, 9.5.47, and 10.4.44 ELTS Released

Still sticking to an older version of TYPO3? Today, 8.7.58, 9.5.47, and 10.4.44 have been released. Staying on top of maintenance updates should be a top priority - Gain peace of mind by opting for one of TYPO3 GmbH’s Extended Support offers!

TYPO3 8.7.57, 9.5.46, and 10.4.43 ELTS Released

Still sticking to an older version of TYPO3? Today, 8.7.57, 9.5.46, and 10.4.43 have been released. Staying on top of maintenance updates should be a top priority - Gain peace of mind by opting for one of TYPO3 GmbH’s Extended Support offers!

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Whether you’re looking for commercial services, membership options, official TYPO3 certification, or TYPO3-branded products you can find it all in our convenient, one-stop shop.

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