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Christian values with TYPO3

Technology Focus
Content Management, Multisite, Responsive
Project Focus
Social Services, NGO, User Centric Design

One website for many needs

The relaunch of the website relies on TYPO3 and takes into account a microsite system in order to adequately map all the communication needs of the Johanniter organizations. The website must clearly display the latest and most important information. The entire communicative orientation follows the principle of the user journey and less the self-portrayal as an organization. This includes, for example, the websites of the sub-organizations such as federal, state, regional and local associations as well as websites of individual facilities such as day-care centers and hospitals with mostly content that is not directly relevant to the main target groups. With visionary far-sightedness, technologies were taken into account with which visitors will come into contact with the Johanniter website in the future. The website is bilingual and optimized for a high traffic load.

Modern search functions

A large amount of information requires a good search function. A Solr search index was generated to ensure a complete search at all times. The relaunch has improved and optimized the existing concept with regard to the benefits for the target group. Search presents results visually separated by site content and category. In addition, the search with synonym suggestions redirects to the correct result. The search is therefore up-to-date and adapted to the current state of the art.

An extensible and flexible website

The news is stored in the system in the form of data records. At the same time, extensive functions of the media library are available (for example search functions and metadata). With the integration in TYPO3, the entire workflow with media becomes more agile and efficient. Large amounts of assets in different formats and versions can also be optimally prepared and organized so that the high number of views can be intercepted.

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