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Content Structure
Support for:
TYPO3 v11, v10

Content element builder

Usually creating new custom content elements is very tedious. It consists of many parts like TSconfig, TCA, SQL, ... Further you need programming skills and have to know TYPO3 in detail.

A comfortable and intuitive Backend-module offers a Drag&Drop wizard to create and manage content elements and extend backend-layouts. The element definitions are stored as a JSON-structure wich is used to generate all the necessary code for TYPO3. Integrators can easily modify the generated Fluid-Templates for their needs.

Mask saves a lot of time when developing custom content-elements. Upgrading TYPO3 is very easy, because Mask takes care of needed SQL and TCA changes of new TYPO3 versions.

Further development and TemplaVoila-converter

We can convert TemplaVoila content to Mask. This is helpful, when you upgrade to a modern version of TYPO3. Furthermore, we offer paid services for new Mask features or urgently needed Bugfixes.

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Gernot Ploiner
Owner, Founder

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