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TYPO3 v11, v10

Equip your favorite CMS with headless and PWA capabilities

Nowadays we're looking for a solution that can provide content for multiple channels, which is easy to manage, implement and can serve as an data endpoint for any kind of application. A Headless CMS stores content separately from the code used to build the presentation layer.

Thanks to the Headless extension your TYPO3 takes a different approach and give possibilities to separate the frontend from the backend. Therefore we gain one system that could manage all needed content no matter its destination. This extension provides a way to output content from TYPO3 in JSON format. JSON API can serve as an endpoint for any kind of application. With the headless extension you get the best of two worlds:

- Single source of content,
- Website performance,
- Common experience for all services,
- Free Technology choice,
- Platform Independence,
- Flexibility and speed,
- SEO frendly

based on a powerful grown up CMS"

Headless TYPO3 extension provides an integrated web experience and functionalities brought by the development of the DXP (Digital Experience Platform). This concept has been designed for teams who need flexibility and a single source of content that could be shared on multiple channels.

Services tailored to your needs: Headless TYPO3 Implementation, consulting, support and reviews

Implementation: Headless TYPO3 Extension to render your content in JSON format,

Consulting and training for Headless: Code Review, Dev Ops Setup, Dedicated Account Manager, Priority Bug Fixing, 2-5 days of on-line training, Experiences teachers that know TYP3 inside out, Certificates for the attendees,

Headless Project Implementations and reviews: Product discover & design, Web & mobile development, e-commerce development, Quality Assurance, Project Management,

SLA and Maintenence for the Headless TYPO3 Extension

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Tymoteusz Motylewski
Łukasz Uznański

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