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Content Structure
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TYPO3 v11, v10

Flexible in-page structures built the core way

TYPO3’s built-in concepts allow integrators to create setups for all kinds of page types, template types, and content management scenarios, but many projects end up needing more flexibility in placing substructures containing elements or modules within a content area.

Simple amazing containers (grids) as custom TYPO3 Content Elements

  • No default containers, everything will be built the way it is needed for a project
  • Supports multilanguage (connected or free mode (mixed mode not supported))
  • Supports workspaces
  • Supports colPos-restrictions if EXT:content_defender >= 3.1.0 is installed
  • Frontend Rendering via DataProcessor and Fluid templates

Container provides the needed flexibility for all TYPO3 projects by just installing the extensions. Placing substructures containing elements or modules within a content area was never easier.

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Benni Mack
Achim Fritz
Extension Author, Responsible Maintainer

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