Send your junior!

„Human Resources isn’t a thing we do. It’s the thing that runs our business.“
- Steve Wynn, Wynn Las Vegas

Free of charge up to 12 months

Professional training

Agile, Development, Support


Isn't finding a competent developer such a chore?

You rarely find the right person for the job and at the end of the day you wish your developers were more confident, able to do their job more structured and most of all more efficiently. 

We came up with a solution for that problem.

Send your developer to us for a few months and have them work in a guided environment, instructed by experienced TYPO3 developers.

Together, we can make that happen!

How long will it take?

Months... yes, months!

Of course, the exact period will be defined in cooperation with you and depending on the amount of training you'd like your developer to get.

It can start with a short length of a month with experienced devs but range up to a maximum of 12 months.

What are the requirements?

Your developers should have seen TYPO3 in action before. Since we provide TYPO3 core developers as mentors it would be wasted potential to boot someone up from the start.

Depending on where exactly you want to see your dev in the next couple of years a focus on TYPO3s key technologies is vital.

  • GIT
  • PHP
  • Databases (MySQL is an ok start)
  • Javascript
  • Fluid

Spoken language in the office is English, so you should consider this as well.

What will they learn?

It depends on what you want your developer to become better at.

But first and foremost your developer will learn discipline and structure while working.

Other than that, we offer a variety of topics for you to choose from.

Probably the most important one is learning to work on the TYPO3 Core. Guided by a veteran core-dev your developer will push and review patches, learn the structure of the TYPO3 core and be able to see for themselves what a core-dev does and in the end do it themselves. 

If you want your devs to get used to modern project-management you can opt-in to have them work together with our team on internal projects. We work in an agile fashion fully embracing SCRUM methodology with bi-weekly sprint cycles.

Finally you can train your developers in giving support to end-users. Your employee will be integrated into our international team and yes, they will be able to speak to people after that.

What happens when they're back?

"You're right, things are going to be different.. but different doesn't always mean bad.. just means different." -
Christopher Duncan Turk, Scrubs

Yes, it will be different. Chances are your developer will turn processes in your company upside down but it will be for the better. So brace yourselves for getting your companies workflows whooped.

It's free!

Yes, the Send Your Junior! program is completely free of charge.

See it as gratuitous skill enhancement for your developer to boost productivity, performance and competence.

You simply pay their salary and commodity and we pay for electricity and copious amounts of coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course you can, but keep in mind that we won't be offering slots for shorter time than one month (for organizational reasons).

Apart from that, even though we call it "Send your Junior" we don't necessarily just take people that are early in their career.

We can provide up to 12 slots at the moment. This is mostly because we want to keep the amount of people per mentor rather low to ensure a great learning experience. Office space restriction plays a minor role as well. ;-)


  • Your agency has to be a member of the TYPO3 Association.
  • Thorough knowledge of versioning with GIT
  • Communication skills in English
  • Know your way around TYPO3
  • Tech
    • PHP
    • Databases (at least MySQL, others would be a plus)
    • Basic Javascript (advanced Javascript would be a plus)
    • Basic CSS (advanced CSS would be a plus)
  • Bring a notebook

A computer (preferably a notebook) and you're good to go. We will provide screens, keyboard and mice as we go.

A good sense of humor and eagerness to learn is mandatory as well.

Mostly PHP and Javascript.

Or you mean spoken language, that's going to be in english, make sure your devs can understand our mentors as well as being able to ask for the way to the coffee machine.

Pretty much. Just that it's for free. And takes longer. And yields better results.


Düsseldorf offers a wide range of accommodation, although you might want to look for something like renting a flat for the time. Hotels tend to get a bit expensive (the miracle of addition).