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Showcase Your Project: Explore Exciting New TYPO3 Award Categories and Deadline Updates

TYPO3 Awards Open for Submissions May 2nd

The excitement is palpable as we count down the days to T3CON24 and the TYPO3 Awards Ceremony! As we eagerly anticipate reuniting with our fellow TYPO3 enthusiasts this fall, we're thrilled to share important updates about the TYPO3 Award categories and upcoming deadlines. Be sure to mark your calendars and take note of the four new award categories introduced for this year's event!

Before we jump in, let’s take a look back at the TYPO3 Awards 2023.

New Awards, New Opportunities

This year, we're pleased to introduce additional options for submitting your TYPO3 projects for consideration and recognition! With the inclusion of these categories, we aim to better accommodate diverse submissions and acknowledge a wider range of sectors. By opening the submission period more than four months ahead of time, TYPO3 service providers can make sure to invite their clients and project managers to bring significant TYPO3 projects to a close. 

The newly added award categories include:

  • Intranet and Extranet: Internal external or networks (Platforms that are not publicly accessible must include a screencast or demonstration lasting no longer than 30 minutes to be considered for admission).
  • Media, News & Publishing: Platforms for media, news distribution, and publishing activities.
  • Legacy & Heritage: Projects that honor long-standing customer relationships and initiatives exceeding 10 years.
  • Best TYPO3 Camp: Recognition of community-centric and self-organized TYPO3 Camps via voting at the end of the year. 

Explore All 16 Award Categories

Eligibility Criteria for TYPO3 Awards

As a reminder, there are a few eligibility criteria that you will need to adhere to in order to be considered.

The project must:

  • Run a supported TYPO3 CMS version
  • Be publicly accessible (with the exception of intranets) 
  • Be presented via screencast or showing of maximum 30 minutes (intranets) 
  • Have the owner’s agreement for submission
  • Have been launched or rebuilt in 2023 or 2024

No more than two submissions per company are permitted per category.

Out of 221 entries, the winner of the coveted title of Best Website of the Year was, created by a French agency, Talan. It was a particularly moving moment, because this site is the perfect reflection of the human values that the TYPO3 community has always defended, and the whole community was indirectly touched by the success of this project.“

– TYPO3 FRANCE - French Speaking Committee on the 2023 Best Website of the Year winner 

Mark Your Calendar, Set a Reminder!

You're invited to join us in Düsseldorf this November for T3CON24 and the TYPO3 Awards! Amidst busy schedules, we encourage you to take note of the deadlines for submitting your projects for award consideration so you won’t miss out.

Beginning May 2, we're excited to open submissions for the TYPO3 Awards! To ensure a comprehensive evaluation, please include detailed project information with your submission—providing more context enhances the quality of your entry. Interested participants can review the eligibility criteria here.

Essential Submission & Event Dates

2 May 2024

This date marks the opening of award submissions! We encourage you to start preparing and submitting your projects to ensure they receive the attention they deserve. Don't miss this opportunity to showcase your work and be recognized for your TYPO3 projects. 

To cover costs for the event, we charge a fee of €200+VAT for every submission. Visit our submissions page to learn more about the process.

15 September 2024

Submissions officially close on this date. Be sure to submit your project for consideration on or before this date. Shortly after, the jury committee will review and assess the project submissions leading up to the TYPO3 Awards. Stay tuned as we announce the nominees who have excelled in their respective categories!

1 October 2024

This date marks the beginning of the evaluation process by our award jury composed of digital industry specialists to select the most outstanding projects in each category. 

26 - 28 November 2024

It’s time to kick off T3CON24! Get ready for inspiring talks, networking, and new discoveries in the TYPO3 community.

28 November 2024

The night we’ve all been waiting for—the highlight event after T3CON24 in Düsseldorf, Germany. The TYPO3 Awards Gala will celebrate the announcement of winners in all 16 categories, culminating in the prestigious Website Of The Year Award. As a note, the dress code is cocktail attire.

We hope you’re as excited as we are. Remember to mark these dates on your calendar, spread the word and we look forward to welcoming you to Düsseldorf this November! 

Visit the T3CON24 Website


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