All about TYPO3 v6.2 ELTS

TYPO3 v6.2 ELTS has had 20 updates (and counting!) since the last free community-supported release in 2017. If you’re running TYPO3 v6.2 sites, order the ELTS service and ensure your sites run smoothly and are secure.

Order ELTS for TYPO3 6.2

About TYPO3 v6

TYPO3 v6.2 LTS was released in April 2014. Notably, TYPO3 v6 included some big changes:

  • The File Abstraction Layer,
  • Workspaces revamp, 
  • Performance improvements,
  • The newly introduced concept of PHP namespaces.

TYPO3 v6 was significant because the project had hopped from v4 to v6. The community attempted a complete rewrite for the version 5 branch, but as it took longer than expected, the development of TYPO3 v4 had continued. Meanwhile, improvements were back-ported during this time. When TYPO3 v5 turned out so radically different, it ended up spawning a new project entirely. TYPO3 v6 development continued from the updated v4, offering a smooth transition for upgrades. 

This was also the last version before the major UX improvements and release management changes in TYPO3 v7. 

TYPO3 v6 PHP requirements: PHP 5.3 to 5.6. Check out PHP support for specific versions of TYPO3. Please note that PHP v5.6 is no longer supported by the PHP community. Now is the time to think about upgrading.

How long TYPO3 v6.2 ELTS support lasts

TYPO3 v6.2 had official community support until the end of life was announced—End of Life for TYPO3 CMS 6.2 LTS—three years later. If you go to the download TYPO3 6.2 page, you’ll see the last available release is April 2017. After that, you’ll need to order ELTS for continued updates. Originally, the ELTS service promised support for TYPO3 v6.2 core for up to two years. But that was extended in 2019, and it is still available today. 

The focus of TYPO3 ELTS releases is to keep the instances secure and stable. When browsers change their behaviours, the backend admin areas should still work smoothly. When security issues are discovered, our team releases updates. 

TYPO3 ELTS users can report bugs via our service desks. These service desks are available for each ELTS version in our ELTS repository. With detailed bug reports, our ELTS team can evaluate possible viable solutions.

Recent TYPO3 v6.2 ELTS updates

Here are some posts about recent updates for TYPO3 v6.2 ELTS. Please note that details of security releases are not provided to help ensure the security of any TYPO3 v6.2 instances which do not yet have ELTS support. With that said, it’s one of the reasons we urge site owners to join the ELTS service. 

Keep an eye on our blog for ELTS related news. See all TYPO3 v6.2 ELTS updates here.

Order ELTS for TYPO3 6.2