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Revitalizing a supermarket chain's digital presence with TYPO3

Long-standing partnership between tegut... and DMK

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With a partnership spanning over a decade, DMK E-BUSINESS GmbH has been a key player in supporting tegut..., a leading full-service supermarket chain in Germany, through various digital transformations. Originally no longer meeting customer expectations or reflecting their brand identity, tegut... relied on DMK’s expertise with the flexible, open-source CMS TYPO3 to overhaul their website and elevate their digital platform. With 350 brick-and-mortar locations across Germany, it was critical for an effective digital platform to connect with and serve customers.

For over 15 years, DMK has delivered complex digital solutions with the flexible, open-source CMS TYPO3. tegut… felt that DMK’s technical capabilities and TYPO3’s extensive functionality were the perfect fit for the project.

Establishing a modern brand identity online

A key driver for the relaunch was to align tegut’s online presence with their evolving corporate brand identity, reflecting a partnership that has benefited from continuous digital services provided by DMK since 2010. With TYPO3 as the CMS backbone since 2016, DMK has not only translated the refreshed brand into a series of website templates but has also managed the migration of original site content to ensure a seamless transition. An integrated web style guide system within the TYPO3 platform now provides tegut… with reusable UI components, ensuring visual consistency across all digital touchpoints. This approach underscores the ongoing evolution of tegut’s digital strategy, ensuring it remains cutting-edge through sustained updates and improvements.

Technical Expertise in Successful TYPO3 Redesign

“Due to the good and long-standing cooperation, we naturally commissioned DMK for the technical implementation of the redesign in TYPO3. We were able to rely on their technical expertise, good communication and flexibility throughout the entire project.”

– Kevin Kranz, Online Team Leader, tegut…

Supporting new business functions and evolving UX needs

As a full-service grocery chain, tegut… needed its website to support diverse business needs — from showcasing products to helping customers locate stores. DMK built out features like:

Catalog with Filters

An online product catalog with categories, filters, and details

Store Locator

A store locator with opening hours, contact info, and maps

Order Tracking

A self-service customer portal for order tracking

Content Types

Content types for promotions, recipes, news, and jobs

Diverse Assets

Events calendar, sales flyers, and partner program pages

TYPO3 provided the flexible framework to deliver this highly customized feature set. With thousands of extensions readily available, DMK could add integrations like catalogs and geolocation without extensive custom development. TYPO3’s openness allowed DMK to tailor the platform to tegut’s goals.

One of these major goals involved user experience. With many of their customers primarily shopping on mobile devices, responsive design was an essential requirement for the relaunched site. DMK leveraged TYPO3's built-in responsive images and container capabilities when implementing the frontend. 

Before launch, DMK put the new website through comprehensive usability testing with target user groups. Their feedback drove further user experience improvements in the TYPO3 backend and frontend. The result is a best-in-class website primed for organic search and ready to serve customers however they choose to visit.

The outcome: An essential digital platform for a growing grocer

With the launch of the redesigned, DMK delivered a contemporary website matching the supermarket chain’s brand aesthetic with:

  • Clear content structures
  • Logical calls-to-action
  • Fully responsive templates
  • Distinctive stylistic accents

The agile approach provided visibility into progress that allowed on-time and on-budget completion. To future-proof the platform, DMK continues to provide ongoing support through updates, maintenance, and new capability development, including an extensive upgrade to the latest TYPO3 11.4 LTS version.

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