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The range of products and services offered by the Münchener Verein in the fields of insurance, pension provision and capital investment is extremely broad. Providing professional and comprehensive advice to their customers is essential. Therefore, the website must regularly provide interested visitors with up-to-date content and valuable information.

Münchener Verein, Münchener Verein Versicherungsgruppe
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Guidebook – a valuable driver for Content Marketing & SEO

The Münchener Verein Insurance Group and its subsidiaries offer a wide range of products and services for private and commercial customers. In order to be able to advise their customers comprehensively, the idea of the guidebook was born: a type of blog in which current topics are highlighted and customers are informed with infographics, comparison tables or pure texts. The articles are published by different authors, each of whom is an expert in their field.

Technical implementation

One of the key issues in the technical implementation of the guidebook was the different requirements for the various articles. The editorial freedom was not supposed to be restricted by technology and so in2code relied on a mixture of structured data and free page design. Constant information like title, teaser, author, categories and reading time are recorded in a structured way and support search engine optimization. The design for the rest of the article is completely free and includes all page content elements such as texts, images, videos as well as background colors for design and comparison tables etc. Special conversion elements such as a callback service element for questions or a rate calculator based on the year of birth were also implemented.

TYPO3 Content Publisher

The use of our TYPO3 Content Publisher enables the content management system to be distributed across two different servers. The editorial system in the intranet serves as the basis for the creation of new content or revision of old content by a large number of editors. The production system without editorial access - but accessible from the outside for normal website visitors - is located in the DMZ. This additional barrier not only enables a clean content workflow but also protects the publicly accessible production system against possible attacks.

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