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TYPO3 Streamlines Pharma Brand’s Multibrand Management, Expands Global Reach

Dermapharm AG & PIA UDG

Technology Focus
Multilingual, Multisite
Project Focus
Shop, Localization, Brand Design
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In 2020, Dermapharm AG, a leading manufacturer of pharmaceuticals and healthcare products based in Grünwald (County of Munich, Germany), Germany, embarked on a digital transformation journey to consolidate its diverse brand and product portfolio under a unified web infrastructure. 

With a vast array of brands, some with standalone websites and others entirely without an online presence, Dermapharm sought to modernize its appearance and sell its products to a broader consumer audience in its direct markets. 

Renowned TYPO3 agency PIA UDG was selected as the partner for this ambitious project due to their expertise and the strong alignment between the two companies. The collaboration leveraged TYPO3 to develop a comprehensive multisite and multibrand platform, facilitating the efficient management of over 40 brand sites with varying requirements.

Unleashing TYPO3’s Multisite and Integration Capabilities

The new TYPO3-based architecture for Dermapharm supports a streamlined process for launching new brand sites, significantly reducing time and effort.

Key features include serving content in multiple languages, allowing Dermapharm to target different regions and demographics, and customizable design elements to maintain each brand’s identity while ensuring a familiar user experience.

PIA UDG’s solution also includes the seamless integration of TYPO3 with leading e-commerce platform Shopware 6. This integration allows Dermapharm to showcase and sell their products directly through their brand sites, providing a unified user experience. The connection between TYPO3 and Shopware 6 can be customized based on individual brand requirements, such as instance, sales channel, or language.

The integration enables centralized product storage, with the ability to display filtered product information on each brand site. This approach ensures consistent product representation while allowing for tailored product catalogs and pricing based on the target market.

“Through our collaborative effort with PIA UDG, our multisite solution empowers us to enhance our go-to-market speed while maintaining flexibility to accommodate unique product and market demands.”

– Marcus Strobel, Head of Ecommerce & Online-Marketing @ Dermapharm AG

Empowering Editors with Custom Content Tools

PIA UDG developed custom content elements and a powerful module generator tailored to Dermapharm’s requirements. These tools allow editors to easily create engaging, visually appealing pages that cater to each brand’s specific needs.

The module generator is particularly impactful, enabling editors to generate comprehensive test and demo page sets with just a few clicks. This feature serves as a reference tool, helping editors understand the available options and how they will appear on the site, ultimately streamlining content creation and ensuring consistency.

Successful Collaboration Yields Impressive Results

The partnership between Dermapharm and PIA UDG has transformed Dermapharm’s approach to digital engagement. The company can now efficiently manage its extensive online presence, making its vast product range accessible to a wider global audience. This aligns with Dermapharm's growth strategy, internationalization and product marketing goals.

    Key Outcomes:

    Multilingual Flexibility

    Support for both multitree multilanguage setups and single tree with translation

    Rapid Site Launch

    Streamlined creation of new brand sites (within a sprint) based on a simple briefing process

    Seamless Integration

    Integration of various third-party services including hiring tools, health services, store locators, and user authentication

    Expansive Site Development

    Over 40 brand sites are now in various stages of completion, with several offering multiple language options

    Looking ahead, PIA UDG and Dermapharm are committed to continuous improvement and innovation. Plans include further enhancing the TYPO3 and Shopware 6 integration, with the aim of contributing to the TYPO3 community by sharing insights and extensions developed through this project.

    TYPO3’s Multisite Solutions Can Revolutionize Your Online Presence

    TYPO3 can revolutionize a company’s online presence, as demonstrated by PIA UDG’s expertise in creating a seamless bridge between content management and e-commerce.
    Experience the flexibility, scalability, and robustness of TYPO3 for your own multisite and multi-brand needs. Explore the endless possibilities of TYPO3 at and join a vibrant community of developers, agencies, and users shaping the future of digital experiences.

    Gallery & Features

    On top, a revolving slide of shortcut links to preselect brand sites then the filter and sorting options for the products presented below below the teaser for the products matching the selected filter criteria
    Shop Listing with active Filter
    left side product images as a gallery, with the biggest one showing the product in front presentation right side information about the product like package size, PZN and prize and options to display different variants of the product. Prominent buy button to put the product into the cart
    Top of the Product Detail Page with selling options. Product is available in several variants
    on top the filter and sorting options for the products presented below below the teaser for the products matching the selected filter criteria no prices are given here, as in english no buying option is present
    Catalog listing in english site with filter options
    four teasers presenting product of the brand, below a bigger product recommendation with left text and image right side
    Product Listing of a brand page
    Screenshot of the upper part of the homepage of, with the LanguageMenu expanded in the right side of the stage. It displays 13 entries.
    Screenshot of homepage of with LanguageMenu, managed as multitree setup
    Screenshot of the upper part of the homepage oft, with the LanguageMenu expanded in the right side of the stage. It displays 25 entries
    Screenshot of homepage of with LanguageMenu, managed by singletree translation
    Screenshot of a map of germany, switzerland and austria, segmented into its federal states, with each an icon applied to it that color codes the amound of allergics that pollute the air currently. On top is a filter form that allows to zoom into a desired area or drill down on the kind of pollen
    one of many service integrations, this shows where allergic people need to take precautions.
    A map in the region around Hamburg, displaying several icons indicating doctors or medical facilities. On the right hand side, details are displayed for each icon.
    Find a medical professional in a desired area
    Backend Module Kickstarter opened at the input form, first of three tabs, displaying input fields for domain and basic information for a new site within the multisite instance.
    Backend Module Kickstarter Input Form