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manager lounge

Exclusive business network for aspiring leaders with TYPO3


Exclusive business community

manager lounge is a German business network for managers, aspiring business leaders, and specialists who like to network across industries. It offers an exclusive meeting point for people from the business world who want to exchange ideas, maintain relationships, and make new contacts. Members benefit from exclusive events and unique experiences where they can form and foster valuable business contacts. The manager lounge staff also offers a personal member service throughout Germany.

Usability, speed and responsiveness

sitegeist has been involved in the project since the early concept phase of this relaunch. In several brainstorming sessions we evaluated product features and their technical implementation together with all project stakeholders. TYPO3 user accounts are connected with several external webservices. During the project this collaboration intensified which in the end led to a seamless integration where the user doesn’t notice the interactions between several IT systems that happen in the background.

The website offers a modern design and meets the expectations of the target group in terms of usability. It impresses with its high-quality appearance and contemporary user experience: large images, a lot of white space, short click paths and the reduction to the essentials are the obvious improvements that users notice immediately.

manager lounge utilizes modern web technologies like responsive images and a fully responsive design. This leads to a good experience and improved loading times, whether you use the product on your desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Integrated payment solution

User accounts and the associated payment are powered by plenigo, the leading technical provider of paid content solutions for content publishers. From the beginning we wanted to accomplish a seamless integration between the website and the necessary payment infrastructure, which is an essential part of an exclusive business community.

plenigo is used both for recurring and for singular payments. During registration, the user enters the necessary payment information for the recurring account fees. For individual events, we wanted registrations to be as easy as possible, which is why much of the payment processing happens in the background, invisible to the user.

The website also provides support for event organizers, for example by easily exporting participant lists with all relevant information for on-site event staff. This allows the staff to focus on the most important thing: Providing the best event experience for all participants.

Gallery & Features

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sitegeist is a full service internet agency and since more than 20 years an expert for TYPO3 projects. With experience in over 200 projects, certified developers and passion we are one of the leading TYPO3 agencies. With 75 employees and certified developers sitegeist has successfully realized over 200 projects for prestigious clients.