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Accounting with TYPO3

Find everything you need to know about commercial accounting with Lexware and TYPO3.

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About Lexware

Lexware is a German software producer and a Haufe Group brand  providing software solutions with a focus on commercial accounting for freelancers, entrepreneurs and small to medium size companies. Solutions include wage accounting, asset accounting, ERP and income tax software. Additionally, the company provides a wealth of information around these topics for users and website visitors.


Lexware and team neusta

Team neusta and lexware came together to pave the way for one central online portal where there were many different stand-alone solutions before. Participants from all over lexware came together to define requirements and interfaces matching the needs of every individual part, selecting a CMS that provides a usable backend for editing and managing content and extensive possibilities for search engine optimization (SEO) for its editors. Team neusta created concepts and prototypes and did user testing to find the best possible solution. After the tests the website was built and is still maintained and supported by team neusta.



The website is built with TYPO3 and includes special solutions for login and search. The login area provides a single sign on via “Atlantik” (Lexwares user management solution), the search is based on IntraFind.

The frontend is built responsive based on PatternLab to ease fast and convenient frontend development. Continuous integration and version control provide automatic quality assurance measures in addition to manual testing being done.

The result is an easy to use website for visitors providing extensive knowledge about the lexware products and accounting itself, including FAQs, update instructions, news and trainings. The backend built on TYPO3 allows editors to easily add new content – optimized for search engines out of the box.

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team neusta

team neusta

Bremen, Germany
  • Hosting
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As an owner-managed company team neusta provides consulting, development and realization of complex software-, mobile and eCommerce solutions in its core business.